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Behind-the-Scenes at Good Morning America

Robin Roberts

Lesson time 11:34 min

Get an intimate look at the inner workings of “Good Morning America” as Robin shares a day on set.

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Topics include: Behind-the-Scenes at Good Morning America


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:07.49] ROBIN ROBERTS: I am going to take you behind the scenes of "Good Morning America." Get ready for the ride. [00:00:18.93] The number one question I'm asked, what time do you get up in the morning. My alarm goes off at 3:15 AM. Get there to the studio, Times Square Studio-- we call it TSS, Times Square Studio-- a little bit after 5 o'clock, greeting people who have been there hours before we have. I mean, our stagehands and people who work behind the scenes-- God bless them. They're incredible. [00:00:44.51] This is the brains of the operation right here., people, so act like you're masters of your domain, OK? [00:00:53.06] WOMAN: Oh, well, you got to give us till we've had a little coffee, then. [00:00:55.10] - OK. All right. [00:00:55.99] [00:00:56.60] Peace. Oh, Michael Corn. He's our executive producer. [00:01:01.43] - Morning. [00:01:01.87] - How are you? Is that your first cup? [00:01:03.26] - My first cup of the morning, first of 10. [00:01:05.75] - OK, first of 10. [00:01:07.67] ROBIN ROBERTS (VOICEOVER): I go to my dressing room. Usually in my dressing room by 5:15 at the latest. [00:01:12.83] - Here we go. [00:01:14.66] ROBIN ROBERTS: And I am greeted by this wonderful fam, my glam flam-- my glam fam-- Petula Skeete, who is my hairstylist, Elena George, who is a renowned makeup artist, and DiAndre Tristan, who is my stylist. [00:01:33.77] DiAndre picks out things for me. Try-- it's kind of dark. Who do we-- we have "Dancing with the Stars"? [00:01:44.61] - We have "Dancing with the Stars" today, so it's a little more lively. Victoria Beckham sent this over, so-- [00:01:49.37] - Oh. [00:01:49.68] - --I thought this would be great. [00:01:51.35] - He just dropped that name, Victoria Beckham. [00:01:53.11] - And we just throw it with some boots. [00:01:55.42] - Some boots. [00:01:56.50] - Mm-hm. [00:01:56.90] - Or we can do a heel, but I prefer the boots. [00:01:58.48] - No. What-- what's the-- [00:01:59.75] - The black boots, the black high boots. It would look good with the skirt. [00:02:05.01] - Do I wear hose with that or not? [00:02:06.08] - No, no hose. [00:02:07.05] - OK, great. Well, let's do that. [00:02:08.57] - All right. [00:02:09.32] - So will you go to go prep that? [00:02:10.24] - Yep. [00:02:11.18] - All right, thank you. [00:02:12.06] - Thank you. [00:02:12.47] - Appreciate that. [00:02:13.73] - The four of us have been together almost 15 years, which in some ways is unheard of in our industry. I mean, Elena had to learn, how do I do makeup on a person who's going through chemotherapy and had to put Vaseline. Because she'd put makeup on it, and it would be-- it would just be sucked into my skin. And had to learn how to do that. [00:02:32.76] Petula was the one who, not once but twice, had to shave my head completely bald and had to work with me with the first time I worked with wigs, because I-- heaven forbid t...

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