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Public Speaking

Robin Roberts

Lesson time 09:15 min

If you’re going to speak in public, Robin recommends that you know your audience, don’t rely on a script, and use some power poses.

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Topics include: Know Your Audience · Try Not to Rely on a Script · Don’t Go Chasing Rabbits · Enunciate, Darling · Be Present and Have Fun · Do a Lil’ Power Posing


[00:00:00.30] - We are going to discuss public speaking. Don't run out of the room. Stay where you are. Let's get through this. We'll get through this together. [00:00:10.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:24.14] When I take to the stage-- and I do enjoy speaking, actually. I do enjoy being on the speaking circuit and going around the country and speaking to different groups. And what I find is if I am prepared-- and this is something you should do. It's with anything. If you are prepared, if you have done your homework, you are going to be more confident. [00:00:45.95] Know your audience. I know that's a line people say, "Know your audience." Really know your audience. What is it that they want to hear? It helps if the group that you're speaking to if you ask somebody ahead of time, "What do they want to hear? Why are you inviting me to speak? What is it that you're hoping to get out of it? Give me some bullet points." So then I'll take that information and then think about my story, my journey, what I have gone through that I could tell a story. [00:01:15.71] People don't really care too much about facts. But if you can get the message across through a story, especially a personal story that you have, that is very effective. I mean, think about when you hear a speaker-- and we've all-- come on, now. Come on. Show of hands. We've all been there. We rolled our eyes because someone's speaking. [00:01:34.34] And you're sitting there, and you're thinking, does this person know who I am? Do they know their audience? Do they know who you're speaking to? So think about that. Think about the times that you have heard a speaker, what did you like and not like about their presentation and how can you take that into your time that you are going to present something. [00:01:52.88] I also find it helpful, especially if it's a larger group where you're feeling a little uncomfortable-- I mean, I know I say always about eye contact. But if it's a large group sometimes, I look just right above, because I might be too intimidated to look. This is the early going. So I look just over their eyesight. So I'm not looking at them, but they think I'm looking that way. So I'm not really. [00:02:14.71] And then sometimes, also, there's always somebody in the audience that is looking at you and hanging on your every word. You find that person. Don't find the person who's looking down in their phone and you feel like, oh, my gosh, they don't even like-- find that person who is looking at you and is engaged. And then speak to that person. Make your speech to that person. [00:02:44.42] I don't write down my speeches. And I think the audience really responds to that. Once again, how many times have you been sitting there and somebody brings out all these pages, and you're just waiting for them to flip to that last page. Because they're not looking at you. They're not engaged with the audience. They're looking down at their speech, at their script. It's a script. [00:03:08.43...

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