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Making an Authentic Connection

Robin Roberts

Lesson time 07:55 min

Connection starts with a genuine interest in people. Robin shares how going back to the basics, including good manners, helps you connect with people.

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Topics include: Start With a Genuine Interest in People · Nothing Replaces a Human Connection · Go Back to the Basics · Be Sincere and Do It for the Right Reasons


[00:00:00.50] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:12.90] - I'm not a big fan of the phrase "lean in," but I do literally lean in when I'm talking to somebody, when I'm listening to somebody, when I'm showing interest. It's-- it's a true-- to let them know that I see you. I not only hear you. I see you. I want to know more about you. [00:00:35.88] I was at a dinner the other day-- two other, four other people. Not all-- no, they weren't couples. It was a business affair with who I work. And there are, like, five different tables in this area, and we're in one. [00:00:53.87] And-- again, the gentlemen to my right-- so I'm getting people talking. And he's-- and he knows who I am. And he goes, darn, you're good. And I'm like, oh, I-- I'm naturally interested in people. And where do-- you know, where did you come from and just things like that. [00:01:10.17] And we had the most-- we had the most wonderful conversation at this dinner party. And we said to each other, like, I don't know what the other tables are talking about. We're having a good time. And I take some of the credit, in that I engage people. But then I see how it leads them to reciprocate. [00:01:31.86] You know, they see me asking, and then they go, oh, Robin, how about you. And I'm-- oh, thank you for asking. And then we have this dialogue. But I think it really stems from having a genuine-- do you hear me, gen-u-ine-- interest. Don't fake it. Have a genuine interest in listening to those people. And I think that is what has been-- I know that has served me well in many ways. [00:02:05.92] We have all these different ways now to communicate, and we don't communicate. We have all these different ways and means of doing it, through Twitter, Facebook, social media. You know, it goes on and on and on. [00:02:21.78] When's the last time you had a conversation with someone? When's the last time you actually-- called somebody and didn't text them? Ooh. Oh, it's challenging because you got to actually hear. You got to actually listen. You got to actually talk. [00:02:35.67] Do it. Get in the habit of doing it. Don't rely on just texting. Don't just rely on this wonderful technology that we have. And it's very beneficial in many ways, but nothing replaces a human connection. [00:02:59.09] I remember asking my momma-- and I know I talk about my momma and my daddy a lot. I'm sorry. I asked my mom, why do you think Butch, my brother, Sally Ann, my sister, Dorothy, my sister-- and I'm the baby-- why have your four children done well in life? And by that, I'm not talking about monetarily or anything like that. I'm talking about, we're responsible human beings, responsible adults, who have never gotten in major trouble. We're good kids. [00:03:33.72] I said, momma, why do you think that happened for your children. Why are we like that? She said, Robin, because I taught you children good manners. I went, wait a second. What? I taught you good manners. [00:03:53.79] I'm like, wow. OK. ...

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Millions of people spend their mornings with Robin Roberts, one of today’s most beloved broadcasters. Now the Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor is sharing how she creates unforgettable moments through human connection. Learn how to communicate effectively, whether it’s in front of an audience, at work, or with those you love. Start embracing vulnerability, building resilience, and living life with optimism.

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