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Interviewing for a Job

Robin Roberts

Lesson time 16:00 min

Robin walks you through her strategies for getting the job you want, including bringing ideas, being sincere, and asking for advice.

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Topics include: Proximity Is Power · Come With Ideas · Ask for Advice, Not a Job · Be Sincere About Your Intentions · After the Interview


[00:00:00.27] [00:00:00.54] - You need a J-O-B if you want to be with me. [00:00:02.73] WOMAN: [00:00:03.48] - Remember that? [00:00:04.61] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:11.55] Three little letters, J-O-B, job. How can you get that job of your dreams? We're going to talk about that. It always comes back to, and throughout much of what I've discussed and will discuss with you, effective communication, effectively engaging with that person, authentically connecting with that individual. [00:00:37.62] OK, here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to interviews. First of all, if you are being interviewed, congratulations. I'm proud of you. [00:00:47.75] That's not easy. It's not easy in this time and day to get an interview. So feel proud about yourself, that you've accomplished that. [00:00:55.78] Be prepared. Know what it is, that company. Know the person that is interviewing. Google the heck out of that person and the company. [00:01:04.72] Come in with creative ideas. A don't-- do not go in with flip-flops or any inappropriate dress like that. Please, dress the part. [00:01:16.15] Go in with confidence. Don't be cocky, but be confident. Make sure that you do your homework and that you prepare as best you can for that interview. And good luck. [00:01:28.33] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:34.60] Proximity is power. I often say that. Proximity is power. Positioning yourself, that means putting yourself in position for good things to happen. [00:01:43.00] You can wish, hope, and pray all you want. I'm a very spiritual person. There's a prayer of protection that I say every morning before I leave my home. But if you don't do the things to position yourself for these good things to happen, for good things to come your way, you're making things more difficult. [00:02:00.55] I learned about positioning, about proximity through athletics. Get in the proper rebounding position. Get in the proper position to score. That was something that really stayed with me. [00:02:11.60] So when I found that-- I'm not as tall as some people I was playing against in basketball on the court. But if I positioned myself just right, I could get the rebound. Proximity is power. That's what I mean by that. [00:02:26.38] Position yourself. Do the things that you know you need to do. Learn the things you don't know to be able to put yourself in that position to get what it is that you want. [00:02:38.71] I was working in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. That was my first job at $5.50 an hour, 30 hours a week, no benefits. Then went to a bigger station in Biloxi, Mississippi. [00:02:50.69] I knew that I needed to be in a bigger market. I had dreams and aspirations of making it to the network level. And I knew that I'd had to make those necessary steps in market size. [00:03:04.84] My parents, dear, dear parents-- yes, it always goes back to my mom and dad-- they traveled a great deal for church business. So I didn't have a lot of money-- shocker, when you're growi...

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Millions of people spend their mornings with Robin Roberts, one of today’s most beloved broadcasters. Now the Emmy-winning “Good Morning America” co-anchor is sharing how she creates unforgettable moments through human connection. Learn how to communicate effectively, whether it’s in front of an audience, at work, or with those you love. Start embracing vulnerability, building resilience, and living life with optimism.

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