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Make Your Mess Your Message

Robin Roberts

Lesson time 12:26 min

Robin explains what “make your mess your message” means to her and how it can help you. She also tells deeply personal stories about her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Topics include: What Can You Share With Others? · Use the Platform You Have · The Person You Help May Be Yourself · Discovering Your Message


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:14.42] - Make your mess your message. Make your mess your message. I've been known to say that. People know me for saying that, and it comes from my dear mom. [00:00:24.95] It started when I was a child. And I'd be out playing or something or something didn't go my way, and, you know, wah. And she'd go, oh, honey. Everybody's got something. You know, come on now. Everybody's got something. [00:00:38.96] And then as I got older when she really said it to me was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And I had to decide whether or not-- woo-- I would share that with people. And it was my dear mother when I was struggling with it who said, hmm. Let's see here. [00:01:03.02] You have a good job. You have health benefits. You know, she's listing all the things and saying that, you know, it didn't guarantee anything for me in my recovery. But boy, it was going to-- gonna help me, and what about people who didn't have those resources and didn't have a platform? [00:01:21.43] And she said, be their voice. Make your mess your message. And why that has stayed with me and helped me in so many ways, and happy to hear that it's helped others, is that, as I've said, everybody's got something. [00:01:40.12] It's not the cancer. It's not divorce. It's not unemployment. It's-- those aren't the tragedies. [00:01:49.01] You can fill in the blank, whatever it is. Don't compare your despair, but whatever it is that you're going through. That's not the tragedy. [00:01:56.60] It's if you don't take the time to understand, why was that placed in my path? What am I supposed to learn from it? And more importantly, what can I share with others so if they're going through this, they're going to be helped? It's a mantra that has caught on with people. And they understand the intent of make your mess your message, and that is to be of service to others through what you've gone through. [00:02:23.48] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:02:30.26] You might be saying to yourself, well, I'm-- I'm not on national TV. I'm not doing a MasterClass. What can I do to make my mess my message? [00:02:38.78] Do you know how many people have reached out to me-- oh, my gosh. There was a young woman who was in our studio. She came up to me, was taking pictures after, and there was a condition that she was going through. And she was in great despair. [00:02:58.67] And I said to her-- I listened to her, and I said to her about make your mess your message. There's something-- what you're going through, maybe you can help with others. And this just a person off the street. [00:03:14.81] Absolutely true story. Years later, she's back in the studio. And she says to me, I made my mess my message. And she tells me about an organization in her little town that she started. [00:03:30.65] Woo. Sorry. Woo. So no, you don't have-- and, you know, she was so proud of herself and, I was so proud of her. Because what she was going through, she got outside of it and she wa...

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