3 P.M. Dumplings: Beef-Pork and Veggie

Roy Choi

Lesson time 18:25 min

Learn Roy’s techniques for filling, folding, and cooking beef-pork dumplings and vegetarian dumplings.

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Topics include: Vegetarian Duxelles Filling • Beef-Pork Filling • Assembly: Half-Fold • Boiling Your Dumplings • Assembly: Beggar’s Purse • Frying Your Dumplings


ROY CHOI: Warning, this class contains some bad language. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dumplings are made in between the shifts. You don't believe me, go to your local Korean restaurant in town that sells dumplings and go there at about 3:00 PM. You'll just see everyone working in the restaurant sitting down together, having family meal and making dumplings, and basically talking shit-- who got plastic surgery, who looks good, who looks bad, who's dating who, who had a kid with that guy, that person got a new car, you know, but they can't even pay their bills. Everyone from the busboy to the dishwasher to the owner to the bartenders, everyone is sitting down making dumplings. Usually have a huge mound of filling and a bunch of dumpling wrappers, and all the politics between front of the house, back of the house, whatever the case may be are all gone, and you have 'til 3:00 PM to make the dumplings together, so I call these 3:00 PM dumplings. OK, so we're going to make a lot of dumplings today. I'm going to give you recipes for two types of fillings, a beef pork tofu filling and a mushroom filling for all you vegetarians out there. Then I'll show you a few different folding and cooking techniques. You can mix and match any of these techniques, so basically I'm giving you the recipe for 12 different types of dumplings in one lesson. You're welcome. First, I'm going to start out showing you vegetarian dumplings with the duxelles base. That's just a fancy way to cook mushrooms. So let's start with the ingredients. For the duxelles, we'll need button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, shallots, chives, and white wine. For the rest of the filling, we'll need ginger, scallions, napa cabbage, an egg, roasted crushed sesame seeds, oyster sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, gochugaru, garlic, flour, and your bank account. Shit, there's a lot of stuff in there. This is a vegetarian recipe but just a warning. It's not vegan. We'll need that egg to hold everything together. A duxelles, if you're not familiar, is basically taking mushrooms, pulverizing them, and then cooking them down with some shallots and then white wine. We're going to use just white button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms in here. We're just going to give it a quick pulse. Pulse 'em, pulse 'em, pulse 'em, pulse 'em. And you don't want to over process your mushrooms. As you can see, I'm being very gentle with it because if I go too much, it's going to basically create a paste, and that's not what I want, OK. That's looking pretty good. So now what I'm going to do is I have my hot pan. Mushrooms absorb a lot of whatever liquid is going to go in, and so I want to put a lot of oil in there. So I'm going to turn this to about a medium heat. I'm gonna throwing my shallots first. And I don't want too much color on these, so I'm going to cook them to what's called translucent. And I wanna take my mushrooms. So you see t...

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