Bonus: Carnitas and Pork Fat Cilantro Rice Burrito

Roy Choi

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Here’s where you get to roll with Roy. Repurposing the pulled pork and cilantro rice from the previous recipe, he shows you the perfect burrito-rolling technique.

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Topics include: Bonus Carnitas & Pork Fat Cilantro Rice Burrito


- Warning, this class contains some bad [BLENDER WHIRRING] language. [MUSIC PLAYING] I want you to waste nothing. And I especially don't want you to waste carnitas and cilantro lime rice. So I'm going to show you how to take your leftovers, and your salsa Verde mother sauce, and make a fucking delicious burrito. We've done a lot of cooking, so we've made carnitas, we made salsa, we've made rice, we made pork fat rice, and we still got carnitas leftover! So we're going to make burritos out of these carnitas. The first thing that we're going to do is going to toast our tortillas, just a touch. Burritos, as we know it here in America, aren't really things that they eat in Mexico. The closest thing that you would see to a burrito, it's like a rolled taco. It looks like a mini burrito, almost like the size of a tamale, or the size of a candy bar, but it's actually a taco. So we have our tortillas, we just want to get them pliable. If you don't have fingers of stone, you can use a tong. OK, and you can see, they have a little bit of blistering caramelization, but they're also still very pliable, right? I'm going to make three burritos for you in a flash. Beautiful, OK. The first thing I want to put, as a bed, is the rice. OK, see that beautiful green rice on the bottom there. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take my carnitas-- if this was cold, you could break it up and put it back on the plancha and get a little more color on it. Or you could just take it right out of the hot cauldron here and because it's so soft, right, so tender, you don't really need to break it up that much. You kind of want these chunks to bite into, right? You take this here, a little bit of that pork fat along with it, right? Oh, look at that! This one has all the fat in it, that's the chef's one. I'll put some more fat here. Beautiful, huh? OK, so we have our burritos here, we're going to put some onions in there. Also going to put some cheese. This is a cheddar cheese, put it on top of the hot carnitas. I'm going to take our salsa verde, mother sauce-- it's back again! OK. I'll take a little bit of our green herb sauce here, a pinch of salt, and we're going to roll these bad boys up. So a good way to roll over-- you could roll them open ended like this too, which is great. Another way to do it is take the filling, go on each side here, come underneath, use your pinkies here to keep everything intact, and then roll. OK? Then what I'm going to do, who really needs a plate? Take our foil kind of make a big square, go from the corner side, roll over about halfway through, give it a fold, and roll. Same thing here. I'm wrapping these in foil because that's the way you get them on the streets. But also, it will help keep them intact while you eat them, so you don't get burrito juice all over yourself. There's our burrito. Then a quick cut-- one. So carnitas burrito, w...

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