Kogi Taco Part II: Slaw, Toppings, and Assembly

Roy Choi

Lesson time 17:46 min

In the second half of his Kogi taco recipe, Roy teaches you how to make Kogi slaw and assemble the taco that launched a revolution.

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Topics include: Kogi Vinaigrette Slaw • Cilantro, Onion, Lime Mix • Assembling the Taco • Kogi Taco: Veggie Variation


ROY CHOI: Warning-- this class contains some bad [DRILL SPINNING] language. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is about as close as you're going to get to a Kogi taco. I'm giving away a lot of secrets, but I'm not giving away all the secrets. You got to unlock the other levels. I think you're going to love it. So I got my onions on that hot plate, steaming and softening up. The Kogi Taco Truck is a collective of a bunch of folks that are my extended family. It was 2008, the economy had just crashed from all of the lies that the bank and mortgage companies did to us as citizens of this great country. But there was also a rise in technology with social media. Twitter had just come out pretty much that year or the year before. The iPhone had just come out. We had this truck, you know, we had Twitter. I thought this was just something that I was going to do in between time, and I loved doing it. I feel like it opened up something within me where I was able to cook the food that I really wanted to cook, but I didn't know if it was going to last. And so we were just out there selling, you know, a few hundred bucks a day. And then one night in front of the club, it was Asian night, and we went in there, passed out a bunch of flyers for Kogi. They all came out afterwards, they ate the taco, and they were like, whoa, what the fuck is this? And they were like, yo, we all go to UCLA. It's finals week, you guys are going to kill it. And it was funny because that housing is on a hill, and our truck is like a 1978 Grumman. And we went up the hill, but we didn't make it all the way to the top. So we rolled all the way back down, and we had to do that three times, and finally we got over the hill. As soon as we got over the hill, there was like, you know, 800 people waiting, all students. We only had food for about 100 people, and so we ran out right away. But for some reason, something possessed me, and I got out, and got on top of the roof, and I started shouting to everyone. I'm like, listen, if you all fucking stay here, we're going to call our friends, they're going to bring stuff from Koreatown. Call all your friends. I started giving my order list. I need garlic, I need ginger, I need this, I need that. And it might take a couple hours. Are you okay with that? Everyone goes, Fuck yeah! You know? Because they had nothing better to do. So then we all stayed over those four hours. Every single student that was there was telling 10 of their friends. Then those 10 friends told another 10 friends. And then before you know it, the lines were blowing up, you know? And then that's really when the Kogi thing kind of happened. [MUSIC PLAYING] I told you I wasn't going to show you the Kogi taco, but I kind of lied. I thought in my mind I wasn't going to show you the Kogi taco, but I think my heart had different plans. So the first composition of the Kogi taco is the scallion slaw which mimick the salad that you get at a ...

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Roy Choi wasn’t trying to start a revolution when he took tacos, kimchi, and more to the Los Angeles streets with the Kogi BBQ taco truck. He just wanted to make what he loved and knew by heart: immigrant-influenced all-American food. Now he’s teaching you his recipes, sauces, and techniques. Learn how to cook with your instincts using equipment you already have—and start adding your own twist to tried-and-true favorites.

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Roy Choi

Food truck “godfather” Roy Choi teaches you his signature recipes and mother sauces—then empowers you to make them your own.

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