Rice Bowls

Roy Choi

Lesson time 10:24 min

What do you do after a long night of eating? Eat the leftovers. Roy offers four no-waste recipes featuring items found throughout the class and teaches you to combine them intuitively.

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Topics include: Premade Rice Bowls • Next-Day Rice Bowl Challenge


ANNOUNCER: Warning, this class contains some bad --ing language. [MUSIC PLAYING] ROY CHOI: We've reached the part of the journey where basically, we take everything we've cooked and we put it into a bowl. And if you've taken this journey with me, I think we have so many great things to put inside of a bowl. We have pickles. We have kimchis. We have panchans. We have all different types of barbecue. We have carnitas. We have tuna salad. If you just have rice, and you just have a bowl, then all of those leftovers can become this beautiful, beautiful mixed rice bowl, next-day rice bowl. All you need to do is maybe put a fried egg on top. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is a modern version of what's called the pibimbap. But in this one, as you can see, we have our khakgugi, our broccoli panchan, our kimchi, our bean sprout panchan, our quick-cooked cucumbers. We have rice underneath, and we have two of our mother sauces here, our dipping sauce and also our kogi vinaigrette. Over here, we have our watermelon kimchi, our pear kimchi, our barbecue vegetables, our kalbi short rib. We could put carnitas in here as well. And we have rice in here. We have our salsa verde. We could put some more salsa verde on there, just for color. Look at that. It's just so beautiful. Cooking is not only about what you're making in the moment, but it's also about gathering. It's also about putting things together, finding a connection between where things are, and being spontaneous and allowing yourself to be spontaneous. So that's where these rice bowls come into play. [MUSIC PLAYING] To end it with a big surprise, the team that has been wonderful and filming me here-- they've given me this special mystery box to figure out. So let's see what's under this towel. Aha! All right. So the challenge that the team gave me here was exactly what this whole lesson is about. And it's about looking in your fridge. It's about, what's the after-party of your own life, your own life of solitude? You can have an after-party with yourself. It's all right. How can things that look like they're so far apart become so close together? That's really what this course is about. And what it means to have a next-day rice bowl is to take your leftovers, put them on rice. Check this out. We got lychees, pineapple, corn, duk boki, bacon, barbecue Spam, pork and beans, bean sprouts, cotija cheese, mustard, lettuce, and our kalbi short rib and veggies. So the way I look at this-- it looks like, OK. It looks daunting, like, wow, look at all these different things. What the hell are you going to do with it all? But instantly, my mind goes, easy money. So I'm going to make these lardons of bacon here. A lardon is like a thick strip of bacon. Sometimes it can be left in this stage, or you can cut it into batons here. But I like it at this shape here. Let's sear the bacon. At the same time, I'm going to the Spam and cut those into this shape ...

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Roy Choi wasn’t trying to start a revolution when he took tacos, kimchi, and more to the Los Angeles streets with the Kogi BBQ taco truck. He just wanted to make what he loved and knew by heart: immigrant-influenced all-American food. Now he’s teaching you his recipes, sauces, and techniques. Learn how to cook with your instincts using equipment you already have—and start adding your own twist to tried-and-true favorites.

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Roy Choi

Food truck “godfather” Roy Choi teaches you his signature recipes and mother sauces—then empowers you to make them your own.

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