Savory Mung Bean Potato Pancake

Roy Choi

Lesson time 13:40 min

Roy shows you how to make a delicious savory pancake that’s perfect for dunking in your scallion dipping mother sauce.

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Topics include: Savory Mung Bean Potato Pancake


ROY CHOI: Warning, this class contains some bad language. [MUSIC PLAYING] We're making pancakes but probably not the kind you've seen before. These mung bean potato pancakes are salty, savory, and delicious dipped in scallion dipping sauce. Yum. There are many different styles of savory pancakes within Korean cooking. Some are made with seafood, some are made with flat scallions, some are made with just mung beans, and there's also just a straight potato pancake. I've kind of made this kind of mutant version of a gamja-jeon, which is a potato pancake and a bindaetteok, which is a mung bean pancake. Mung bean in its dried state right here is this yellow kind of lentil type of bean, and then what we do is we soak it to reconstitute it. You could soak these for a couple of hours, preferably about a day. You don't necessarily have to use all the water that you're soaking it in, but just like with any bean, you want to use a 3 to 1 ratio of water to bean because the bean is going to soak up all of that water and kind of, like, inflate again. We also have some tempura flour here. We have some salt. We have some chives. We have a half an onion, some scallions, and a potato that I will add later. We have our dipping sauce, which we'll use as the dipping agent for the pancake itself. And then we have some water. I was just making sure it wasn't vodka. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to add our soaked mung beans here. We're going to add our chives. We're gonna add our temporal power. We're gonna add our salt. You can find tempura flour in the market. If not, you can just use a activated high rising flour. That's not a problem at all. And then we're going to take an onion. We're just going to rough chop the onion. And then the water here, I'm going to add half just in case for now. And give this a quick whirl. Okay, let's take a look. I'm kind of glad I only added half the water at this stage. It looks a little bit loose to me, but it's okay because right now what we're going to do is we're going to add the potato to this. So I have a box grater here. I want to kind of grate this about as fine as I can. What we're doing is we're grating the potato to not only get shreds and threads in there but also the juice. Okay. Okay. All right, so we have our potatoes. So gonna take this and I'm also going to mince some scallions real quick. The more you practice, this will become second nature to you as well. Okay. So we have our minced scallion. We have a potato. Gonna add potato to the pan. Then add our scallions to the bowl. I'm gonna add our batter. And like I said, I was a little cautious with the water because I thought it might be a little too thin. And if I wasn't going to add the potato, I would be really worried as far as will this pancake be too thin. But now that I've added the potato, you can see it's kind of become a ...

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