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Ball-Handling: On the Move

Stephen Curry

Lesson time 7:41 min

Now that you're comfortable with your stationary ball-handling mechanics, Stephen teaches you what to keep in mind when you take the dribble on the move.

Stephen Curry
Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring
In 17 lessons, the two-time MVP breaks down his mechanics, drills, mental attitude, and scoring techniques.
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Stephen Curry teaches the shooting, ball-handling, and scoring techniques that have made him a two-time MVP. For the first time ever, Stephen is teaching everything he’s learned, from perfect shooting mechanics to on-court concepts and basketball drills.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Form shooting, Ball Handling, and how to be a person with good character and having a good mindset.

I have learned multiple things! Stephen curry motivated me to become a better basketball player!

At the beging of this season I only scored about 10-12 points a game, but after Stephen Curry Master Class I am scoring 25 points per game. Thanks Steph!

Great insights on the technicalities and fundamentals of the game and training for excellence. Really enjoyed it!


Peyton H.

This lesson was great. I learned that i need to more things in a game than shoot so it was really helpful. And by the way, i think that the warriors WILL be able to win the championship this season because we have Steph, Draymond, Deangelo Russel, Klay, and possibly Andrew Wiggins!!!!!

Micaela V.

This was helpful and I learned some stuff new! I did not know about the foot following your dribble and I thought that was cool and helpful.

Dylan P.

It was great. I have never made a conscious effort about thinking about my feet or more importantly timing my feet movement to what I am trying to accomplish with my hands when doing something as straight forward as taking 5 steps forward

Marshall B.

My two boys (7th and 8th graders) watch each lesson then go outside to perfect their form. We’ve watched 6 lessons so far and their dribbling and shots have already improved greatly. It’s been a great opportunity for them to learn from somebody that they respect, admire, and love to watch play the game. Well done!

Terrance J.

Thanks for all the drills I will surely use this in the ball handling drills I do all the time.

Jack K.

Steph your my hero but don’t get upset when I start breaking your records in 10 to 15 years

Baruch K.

It always says at the end see workbook for progressions what does that mean?

Pulla A.

My son is one of your biggest fans Steph. He knows everything about you. Now everytime my son plays a game or a pickup game, he says, Thank Steph Curry for all the shots I make. Thank you Steph! Also, my son has making way more shots than he used to.

Stephen N.

Hi, I'm Stevie Ray, I live in South America. Thank you for the masterclass Steph!

Gabriel E.

Hi I'm Gabriel your biggest fan ever the drills have been working so much for me!!! Thank you