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Shooting off the Dribble, Part 2

Stephen Curry

Lesson time 14:12 min

Stephen incorporates movement and footwork into shooting off the dribble, teaching you more sophisticated ways to practice becoming a dynamic scorer.

Stephen Curry
Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring
In 17 lessons, the two-time MVP breaks down his mechanics, drills, mental attitude, and scoring techniques.
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Stephen Curry teaches the shooting, ball-handling, and scoring techniques that have made him a two-time MVP. For the first time ever, Stephen is teaching everything he’s learned, from perfect shooting mechanics to on-court concepts and basketball drills.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I am enjoying the class so far. I just started but I know the rest will be even better!

It is great to hear the story of a great NBA shooter. understanding that hardwork will pay off just keep pushing.

The amount that I've improved in this masterclass in crazy. I am now the MVP of my team when I play with adults I loved this masterclass, also do you ever think you'll ever make more lessons?

I’m too old to play anymore, but I still love the game and wanted to see how someone at Stephen’s level approached his craft from a technical standpoint.


Micaela V.

This was a well taught lesson I liked the film sessions. The only part that was confusing is I wasn't sure what the abbreviation PLYO meant.

Mark F.

I have been practicing these moves for a while now and am just starting to get comfortable with them. My question though for a while has been, when do you use them? Where are you expecting the defender to have gone? For example, if you are doing a right to left behind the back into a plyo, is the expectation that the defender is backing up to defend the drive (off the plyo) so then you will have space for the pull-up?

Sara Malia H.

soooooo look forward improving my ball handling, and overall court confidence as a result..including improving my defense by better reading my opponent! Recreational fun is sure to be far more fun...Thank you Mr. Curry!! 🏀👑

James A.

Being a Zen Master (in my own mind, ha) at shooting a basketball doesn't make me a master at anything else... and I'm not. So, I desperately needed this ball handling class (about 40 years ago). This GymAlien is SO going to practice these moves!! Thank You God for this MasterClass... you too Stephen Curry. :-)

Geoffrey M.

The moves look easy, but they are not. A master at creating space from defender(s). It’s dancing on the court perfected.

Ashwin R.

Steph Curry, I think you are amazing and are a superstar. Thank you for helping me get better!

Pascal G.

Steph Curry, you're the best shooter in NBA history!Especially at the 3. You are my idol. Every day, I go to the gym ,and think, " I wanna be just like Stephen Curry."

Albert K.

Stephen, I am learning so much from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us :)

yiannis T.

i don't like complaining buuuuuuut the videos won't load for some reason :'(

The L.

I agree. Hearing Steph Curry be so humble and matter-of-fact makes my 11 year old and I feel like we can do it too. It’s chicken soup for the b-ball soul. One question: I read through everyone’s posts, but I’m still a little fuzzy on “plyo”. Is there anywhere in the lesson where he described it for us? Because I didn’t see him lunge before pulling up to shoot.