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Shooting off the Dribble, Part 1

Stephen Curry

Lesson time 12:25 min

Once you build strong foundations in ball-handling and shooting, it's time to start combining them. Stephen teaches you how to shoot off the dribble and how to practice pickup shooting.

Stephen Curry
Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring
The two-time MVP breaks down his mechanics, drills, mental attitude, and scoring techniques.
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Stephen Curry teaches the shooting, ball-handling, and scoring techniques that have made him a two-time MVP. For the first time ever, Stephen is teaching everything he’s learned, from perfect shooting mechanics to on-court concepts and basketball drills.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Amazing class. I always wanted to learn how to play basketball from a pro, and it's even better learning from my favorite player.

This has helped my shot a lot with giving me new, great drills to use and to keep my form the same every time and to focus on mechanics. Thank you so much!!

Hi my name is Nathan Chapman and I am 11 years old, this masterclass was given to me as a Christmas present. I am looking forward to this very much.

really enjoyed Curry's technical shooting teachings. He's an awesome person. Thank you for sharing everyone ! let's all be better ballers !


Micaela V.

This is again a very well taught concrete lesson. It has always been hard to get the mental game correct. I would always get down on myself for missing shots, but I need to have the confidence and forget what I just did.

Nikolas L.

Great class, You're amazing. I'm gonna go ball now. Good day to you. Best of luck with those buckets.

Ceri H.

Yo curry u know those people if they see they just go crazy but come on people chill out

Lukas M.

I know that this helps you learn how to shoot off the dribble but when will you ever be standing still in the game and doing a crossover or between the legs or behind the back without moving and then getting into your shot. When I do a crossover or a between the legs or behind the back, I move with my dribble and would either steph back or pull up into my shot. I don't get why anyone would just crossover and stay in the same position and then shoot it.

A fellow student

You are an instructor in your soul! What a pleasure to learn from you ... Thanks

A fellow student

Boy you are a good friend and you Boy boy you know I mean you know what I know you mean

McClain G.

Hi Stephen curry I have been in the gym a lot at school recess I work by myself trying to be good in 3rd grade I will work on your stuff

James N.

Really enjoy watching Steph teach. If I had these lessons at 13 I may have been able to play 9th grade ball. Now I will teach these drills to my son.

Clara and Eden

can you spend less time showing us your shots, even though you are a great shooter, and write the drills down in the book and give us more to learn in each lesson


This is one of the best instructional courses I've ever taken. Right now, I'm shooting worse than before because I'm breaking so many bad habits but I'm confident that I'll see long term improvement.