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Steve Martin

Lesson time 2:55 min

Meet Steve. He's one of the most accomplished comedians of all time, an acclaimed writer, actor, and musician. And now, he's your instructor.

Steve Martin
Teaches Comedy
Steve Martin teaches you everything from finding your comedic voice to nailing your act.
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OK, MasterClass. MasterClass, yeah. Here we go. That's what I love to do. Yeah. OK. Here we go. Are we rolling? Hey. Welcome to Steve Martin's MasterClass. Let's try another one, right? I'm Steve Martin. Thank you for signing up for MasterClass. I'm Steve Martin. Oh, I said that. Well, let's get started. Honey, I won't be home early. I'll be doing the MasterClass. OK, here we go. Very essential to learn comedy. Of course, this, because, you know. Yeah. Learning a lot? Good. Hey, I have an idea too. Yeah, hold on. The old banjo. [BANJO MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I got it. [BANJO MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Steve Martin, and welcome to your nonrefundable MasterClass in clawhammer banjo. Good choice. We're going to talk about a lot of things. We're going to talk about creativity in general. We're going to talk about the specifics of stand-up comedy and comedy in general. We're going to talk about performing, performing comedy. We're going to talk about editing. We're going to talk a little bit about writing. And what I'm hoping with this MasterClass is that you the student or observer can maybe pick up a little practical knowledge, but more so, be inspired. Know that there's room for you out there in the world. And know that, at least from my point of view, you don't have to have a special gift. I had no special gift, except I loved being on stage, and I loved comedy. And that's all I had. Hi, I'm Steve Martin, and this is my MasterClass.

A comedian walks into a classroom...

One of Steve’s first gigs was at the drive-in movies. When the audience liked a joke, they honked. In this comedy class, Steve shares insights from performing for cars and humans over a 50-year career spanning sold-out arenas and blockbuster films. Learn how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act, and take your comedy writing to the next level.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Thank you. Enjoyed it very much and look forward to utilizing things like pushing myself to finish projects, be concise, and get 5 people's opinions separately.

Insightful, inspiring and encouraging. This class taught me how to be more critical in my work, but to also have fun doing it.

Steve is very to the point. His tips are valuable and you can use them right away. I'm about to write a webseries, so he makes me wanna stop watching the class and go and write. That's probably the most valuable. Thanks to you and him !

Thoroughly enjoyable. I thought it was great. I'm not a comedienne (I know this because my husband tells me so all the time, while I'm laughing my ass off). I don't intend to ever do standup or an 'act' but I deeply admire Steve Martin and his array of talent. Thanks Steve. This was a great ride.



Steve's course convinced me to give up any thoughts I had of becoming a comedian when I grow up.....So instead I am taking the easy road and have decided to become a brain surgeon.

A fellow student

This lesson is the best! I mean come on. He teaches you just about everything! Like using a stapler, playing the banjo, and texting you're wife!

Russ P.

This class was the first one that I went to after signing up and logging in. I've been a huge fan of Steve Martin since the 70's. I love his comedy, his writing, his acting, his music, and the way he uses the absurd to create profound characters and observations. He also just makes me laugh really hard! I was excited to hear Steve discuss his process, and I intuitively knew that it would be applicable to any creative endeavor. This class exceeded my expectations in every way. I gained so much insight into how to stimulate creativity, organize my ideas, develop a personal style, shape a coherent point of view, and also how to deliver it to an audience. I'm not a comedian, and while being funny is a valuable tool for any entertainer, I don't think I'll be pursuing standup any time soon. That said, the tools that I've acquired in this class will be applicable in my music life, and also my other creative outlets (graphics, web design, video, creative writing and marketing/promotion). Thank you Steve Martin for being so intelligent, funny, creative and giving in your work, and in this class.

Dainis M.

Hi there Steve, things have been so emotional with the CoronaVirus lockdowns that when I heard you playing in the video "Steve Martin Plays Banjo In The Woods To Calm The World During Coronavirus Pandemic," I just had to play along. Look Ma! I'm playing with STEVE MARTIN!!! OK -- albeit virtually -- but nonetheless :-) (heart heart) I guess blocks youtube video links...too video is called "corona calm -- playing with steve martin (virtually)" best, dainis

Dylan M.

I've just started and already feel like I'm engaging with a master. I know this is literally "Master Class," but I did not expect to be so engaged so quickly! I look forward to using what I learn from this to improve my comedy writing and just generally be a funnier person overall!

Jamie R.

I thought this was like watching a good documentary on Steve Martin, more than a class. Examples and watching him workshop with others was the best part. Showing examples of how he took someones "jokes" and helped them make them better was the best take away overall.

Colin C.

I got the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy Masterclass as a Christmas gift. I watched the introduction and it has instantly changed my life. Since I started this class the sun has been shining brighter. When I went to my in-laws for family festivities I stopped at the Wawa on the way and women who usually wouldn't give me a second look started hitting on me. Honestly, it was a little uncomfortable since my wife was right there. Then, when I got to my in-laws, my mother-in-law gave me a pair of size 10 slippers. I immediately discovered I now need size twelve. And, we all know what they say about big feet, right? I checked. YES! Thanks to the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy MasterClass, that too! All that said, when I started watching the intro, I wasn't really engaged, then I quickly realized, hey, Mr. Walk Like An Egyption is breaking off golden nuggets left and right in the INTRO! I literally stopped it and got myself setup to take notes from the jump. Very excited about this class. My intention is to use this to help me ramp up the comedy in my comedy stage hypnosis show, "The Hypnosis is Amazing Show". My quest is to be half as good at comedy as I am at hypnosis. My show is a constant journey to deliver entertainment that is original, fresh and inspiring.

Michelle W.

Cheese Whiz! I tried to fill this in three times and the next lesson keeps popping up and wiping out everything I write! Lol. I'll get the hang of it. What I've been trying to say is that I'm not funny, but want to be, especially for an online project I have in mind. I'm excited to hear that Mr. Martin underlines what I've suspected; being funny is a skill that is learnable. Hallelujah!


Hub link in the lesson didn't work. I found this tho:

Thomas S.

My nonrefundable masterclass and claw hammer banjo was worth every penny! Love to laugh! I'm actually going through this lesson from a business and leadership perspective. There is tons of material in Steve's class that crosses multiple disciplines. Highly recommended!