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Steve Martin

Lesson time 5:08 min

Steve concludes his class by offering some parting advice and words of inspiration.

Steve Martin
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Steve Martin teaches you everything from finding your comedic voice to nailing your act.
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I think when this class is done, depending on your personal interest-- let's say you're interested in comedy or performing stand-up comedy, and maybe you've made a couple of notes, and maybe you've been inspired, I'd say phone a friend. Someone with the same interest, and go over what you're talking about, what may be you picked up. I don't call it learning because the learning is going to take place on stage and in practice. But pitch those ideas around. I love the idea of collaborative schmoozing with people, with similar interests, and similar willingness to explore things at a little bit of a deeper level, because that inspires you. When you get a manifesto and you get a premise to work on and to apply to yourself, it's fun. Find the smallest place where you can go. Maybe it's a cub scout meeting, maybe it's something where there's a festival going on, find a little place to get up, talk to people. Always make it very small, at first. Very small, where the loss won't be taken so hard, because it is going to be tough. I always picture someone in a club at the lowest ebb of their career, kind of fighting against depression, and the response that isn't there, and the people talking, and the crash glasses, and I always have such a deep respect for comedians. I feel like I have an empathy with them. And I feel I could walk up, and go, I know, and they go, yeah. There's many people who have gone before, and gone are going through exactly what you did, so you have allies. You have allies while you're on stage, who have experienced the very thing you're doing, and have survived. I close the first chapter of my autobiography and just about this thought-- how difficult it is doing stand-up comedy because being alone onstage is the ego's last stand, and that's what you're taking on. No one is more vulnerable than a stand-up comedian standing alone. The one thing I'd like you to walk away with, as a student, is that it can be done. Whatever your level of talent is, it can be overcome, and overcoming a lack of talent often makes you unique, you're filling in. Instead of conventional singing, you're going to sing in a different way. Instead of conventional dancing, you're going to dance your own way. In fact, conventional is not so good, and that there will be room for you. The stage is always changing. It's always in flux. People come in, people go out, they're famous, or not famous, they move on, and you can be waiting in the wings there if you prepare yourself artistically, talent-wise, and be in the right place at the right time, which you can manipulate. I've really enjoyed doing this Masterclass with you. I hope you've gotten something out of it, whether it's something you can use, or something that will inspire you, and I hope that one day, if you have great success, you'll pass it along to someone else. Bye. OK, buddy here we go. [MUS...

A comedian walks into a classroom...

One of Steve’s first gigs was at the drive-in movies. When the audience liked a joke, they honked. In this comedy class, Steve shares insights from performing for cars and humans over a 50-year career spanning sold-out arenas and blockbuster films. Learn how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act, and take your comedy writing to the next level.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Great way to talk about structure. Steve talks to you, not at you

Very encouraging to the aspiring comedian as well as informative.

So well well delivered...while I'm not a performer it really made me think deeper about a lot of different aspects of performing and the people who perform...great insights

Thank you so much! This was fantastic! I really loved the writing tips, and it was so great to get an insight into Steve's comedic inspirations! I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to learn from someone as knowledgeable as him! :) Thanks so much!


Juli R.

I really enjoyed this, although I'm not a comedian or even in the performing arts. Just a fan of Steve and comedy in general. But I thought he had some useful advice that can apply to everyone, as we seek to present ourselves to the world. I feel like those tips can be used by anyone in a professional setting. Just be confident, even if you don't feel that way at first. People want to believe you're good at what you're doing. In most cases, this is true.


Steve, from the moment that you said "Know that there is room for you out there in the world", I was hooked. (This sentence alone was worth the price of joining Masterclass for a year!) Thank you so much for your insights, your experience, your humility and your encouragement. This course was a stand-out. Full of pearls of wisdom and gentle advice that I will remember for a long time. Bravo!


I have always liked Steve from his early days. We are about the same age and I up grew with his career. As a comic magician I can use what he related to what I am going through. I stopped performing for 30 years to raise a family but now am excited to perform again until I can no longer get on stage physically. Thanks Steve for your insight and comments.

Deema H.

Not the slightest intention of being a comedian, but I enjoyed every bit of this class with Mr.Martin. His advise and techniques apply in various aspects of life.

Nancee L.

Steve Martin is a generous teacher...when you watch the lessons it's as if he is sitting across from you talking about his life's work and the lessons he has learned. Steve Martin deserves all the accolades and success from his endeavors in Show Business. I'm a screen/mystery writer and you know Im 75 years old and what the heck, I'll try stand up, at this age I've nothing to fear but doctors.

A fellow student

Steve Martin's experience and enthusiasm and compassion is clearly apparent. He's careful to offer his views while recognizing many other approaches. It is inspiring to hear from someone who has been so involved in and dedicated to comedy.

A fellow student

Steve Martin is brilliant, but he was also quite lucky that the desk he was sitting at had flatware in it. I'm not sure how he could relate the warning about working dinner clubs otherwise. Some people have all the luck I suppose. Not jealous by the way; still love the guy.


I didn't take this course to be a comedian but to understand human fallibility and find my way through it. I sense the vulnerability of comedy and the people who have the guts to put themselves out there. Bravo, Mr. Martin! You made (make) me laugh and see the world in a different way.


I did exactly what Steve said, phoned my friend or lets say whatsapp'ed her, to talk about every useful thing I could get out of this brilliant man's lovingly prepared lessons. The biggest lightning level information was, hearing first-hand from Steve that it takes 8-9 years of low level work in a subject before one is cooked well enough to attract the big public channels of fame. In our case it was about being an enterpreneur. The take is, an enterpreneur needs 8-9 years of struggle and running about before he or she becomes clean enough, experienced enough, focused enough, etc etc. And this duration of caprice vomiting, of self torturing, of head banging on walls, it is needed, at least for the average Joe. It should not be stopped by the loved ones. If he wants to sell pet food for ants to get rich, if this is his idea, you have to let him do it. It has to come out and be experienced. Thank you Steve, you changed 2 lives here. I hope for the better :) :) :)


Oh, and I forgot to say: "You're beautiful", like Marianne faithful sings it in her ballad of Lucy Jordan, and I thank you.