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Meet Steve. He's one of the most accomplished comedians of all time, an acclaimed writer, actor, and musician. And now, he's your instructor.

Topics include: Introduction to the class.


Meet Steve. He's one of the most accomplished comedians of all time, an acclaimed writer, actor, and musician. And now, he's your instructor.

Topics include: Introduction to the class.

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OK, MasterClass. MasterClass, yeah. Here we go. That's what I love to do. Yeah. OK. Here we go. Are we rolling? Hey. Welcome to Steve Martin's MasterClass. Let's try another one, right? I'm Steve Martin. Thank you for signing up for MasterClass. I'm Steve Martin. Oh, I said that. Well, let's get started. Honey, I won't be home early. I'll be doing the MasterClass. OK, here we go. Very essential to learn comedy. Of course, this, because, you know. Yeah. Learning a lot? Good. Hey, I have an idea too. Yeah, hold on. The old banjo. [BANJO MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I got it. [BANJO MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Steve Martin, and welcome to your nonrefundable MasterClass in clawhammer banjo. Good choice. We're going to talk about a lot of things. We're going to talk about creativity in general. We're going to talk about the specifics of stand-up comedy and comedy in general. We're going to talk about performing, performing comedy. We're going to talk about editing. We're going to talk a little bit about writing. And what I'm hoping with this MasterClass is that you the student or observer can maybe pick up a little practical knowledge, but more so, be inspired. Know that there's room for you out there in the world. And know that, at least from my point of view, you don't have to have a special gift. I had no special gift, except I loved being on stage, and I loved comedy. And that's all I had. Hi, I'm Steve Martin, and this is my MasterClass.

A comedian walks into a classroom...

One of Steve’s first gigs was at the drive-in movies. When the audience liked a joke, they honked. In this comedy class, Steve shares insights from performing for cars and humans over a 50-year career spanning sold-out arenas and blockbuster films. Learn how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act, and take your comedy writing to the next level.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This class gave me direction to write stand up comedy and the courage to just be myself.

These segments had information and fun and even more nice. It was a pleasure.

it helped me by inspiring me to try new things and understand comedy better. Steve did a great job on the show with Marty Short!

Having your mind primed to always find humor in life seems like a good approach for the health of the mind and soul.



I want to be on stage...want to feel nervous when I am not on stage.... first excited..

Rusty N.

So he started out with just 2 things? Well, I like comedy, but being on a stage terrifies me. Does that mean I'm already half the comedian Steve Martin is? ...WooHoo!

Cliff G.

Based on the intro, it seemed he was not prepared. None of the intro was funny and was simply smug. Hey, I'm teaching! Look at me. Hope it gets better.

Nate F.

I see what he did there. He set's up your expectations (oh boy this is pretty rough) and then delivers the punchline (Welcome to your non-refundable masterclass). Very well played sir!

Hannah M.

Brilliant intro - my favourite so far. I can't wait to dive in and learn the banjo!

Violet W.

I have loved watching anything Steve Martin since I was a kid so taking this class is a awesome experience for me. I love that he's eclectic and I love that after being a clown he summed up the most important thing in one sentence, the thing many on here, myself included, needed to hear right now. Thank you SM! Looking forward to the rest:)

David J.

When he said, "there's room for you," that really meant a lot to me. Thank you, Steve!

A fellow student

Loved the banjo bit! I wondered for a split second if I'd signed up for the wrong class. Brilliant. Then: "There's room for you out there." Wow. That's what I needed to hear. That's why I wanted to take this class from one of my favorite comedians ever. There's room for me out there, too. How cool is that?


First Impression, could you imagine Steve Martin ( or shall I say Mr.Martin ) as a Substitute Teacher? In one hand, we know he can do it, but in the other hand, what is the reality? Right, he would have to pull a Ms. Doughtfire ! The minute he steps foot on school grounds, BOOM! The Cell Phone Towers catch-fire! The local PD will mistake the surge in calls and or weirdness of an active comedian on school grounds for an active shooter. The scary thought, how will Mr.Martin respond with the SWAT officer tells him to freeze? Secondly, assuming he has an Arts degree, the OFFICIALS will be saying, "Oh, God, not another one of them!" Well , it has happened to me. A real, Dyslexic, Barrel full of Monkeys I am! ( < multiple meanings and wonderments )

Veronica J.

How cool is this?! I have been watching, Steve Martin, well, since Saturday night live... wearing "tuna fish sandwich, "Cruel Shoes," and on and on. I love that you maximize on your musicianship as well. I remembered being impressed waaaay back when I saw you play banjo in your comedic performances, and I thought "this is someone I really appreciate." I greatly look forward to learning from you. You are definitely "not like any other guy." So thank you for what you are offering us in your master class!