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Tom Morello

Lesson time 02:34 min

Tom wraps up his class with a few parting words and an artistic challenge to you: “Envision something that goes beyond what anybody’s imagined before—” and never stop pushing.

Tom Morello
Teaches Electric Guitar
In 26 lessons, Grammy-winning musician Tom Morello will teach you the guitar techniques, rhythms, and riffs that define his signature style.


If only I had $1 for every time someone said to me, shut up and play guitar. Stop mixing politics with music. And what I always respond is when I picked up a guitar, I didn't put down my First Amendment rights. I don't think it's important to combine activism and music. It is for me. What is important is to combine what you believe in and the music that you make. Make sure there's not a firewall between who you are, what you believe in, and what you do in your art. There's a extra hot place in hell for artists who have convictions and who stifle them for commercial gain. For me, it's always been damn the torpedoes. This is who I am. This is what I believe in. I can't help myself but let that leak its way into-- pour its way into what I do as a guitarist and as a songwriter. So I'm not encouraging you to be political in your songwriting. What I'm encouraging you to be is honest in your songwriting. And whatever it is that you care about, write about that. But an important part of the human experience is the struggle for a more decent and just planet. An important part of human experience is love, is romance, is sizzurp. But don't-- you can write about-- if that's important to you, then by all means write about it, because I want to hear your authentic story. Right now you're a guitar player, and you don't know what your potential is. So find out. You might be the one to think of things that none of us have ever thought up before. You can use the building blocks that some others have given you. But the future, as my man Joe Strummer said on my favorite rock and roll T-shirt of all time, the future is unwritten. The future's unwritten. There's no telling what it can be. You're the one that can write it. You can stand on the sidelines with your art, with your politics, or you can envision something that goes beyond what anybody's imagined before as an artist or in creating a better world. It's entirely 100% up to you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

About the Instructor

Tom Morello is a two-time Grammy winner and one of Rolling Stone’s "greatest guitarists of all time." In his first online guitar class, the co-founder of Rage Against the Machine will teach you the riffs, rhythms, and solos that launched his career and sent his music to the top of the charts. Tom will share his approach to making music that challenges the status quo and teach you how to create your own musical style.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Tom is a wonderful teacher! Inspiring and supportive of risk-taking as an artist and as a student.

New and effective ways to learn the neck, and gain speed and dexterity. Encouragement to incorporate my own art into musicianship.

Nothing like an idol of yours teaching you the reasons why you fell in love with their work. A lot of great content! Great teacher.

A truly masterful masterclass. Tom Morello is equal parts inspirational, educational, and sensational. A very well-spoken teacher gifted at getting to the heart of the matter, no matter the topic.


Ruth W.

Happy Birthday (11.11am 30 May Australia ) .. will def go back on parts of this course Yay Joe Strummer etc and thanks for inspo


It was a brilliant moment for me to hear Tom talk about discovering the Sex Pistols as the starting point for his musical journey. I think every musician has a story that goes like that: "I heard this thing, it blew my mind, I had to do that thing". I have been playing music since I was 7 years old, and up until the age of 13, my musical exposure was primarily driven by my parents (I'm a third generation guitarist). One day, I heard this song on a PlayStation game my little brother was playing and I made him give me the controller so I could go through the game menu and work out what it was. The next day, I marched into the record store (remember those?) with two weeks pocket money and bought the album. When I got home and put it on, my brain exploded. WTF is this?!? This sounds like nothing I've ever heard. Then my mother came home and lost her shit and made me turn it off. The album was The Battle of Los Angeles. Music just had a different meaning after that. Thanks, Tom, you're my Steve Jones.

Ana G.

I loved It. A message to Tom if he's passing by : if I have a full track ready to be revealed, can I put the link here so you can listen to it and give some feedbacks? Thanks a lot again, it was a great class, I learnt many things and I'm ready to go on. I will try my best to put in practice all the advices to develop my authenticity and own play.

A fellow student

No doubt a great course. Tom is so inspiring and authentic, his will for trying out new things even thought they might be unconventional and just do it is damn encouraging, let along the amazing guitar skill. Thank you Tom for the great course you made.

Peter M.

This course is one of the best on this site. Tom is so inspirational and such a gifted guitarist. Thought it was funny that he'd play something off the cuff and it would be another masterpiece while I'm sitting here trying to come up with something even an 8th as good. Great course, great guy, and already I feel my playing improve just from watching him and adding new elements into my own playing.

A fellow student

This was a great course overall. Tom is inspiring and charismatic, and his pushes towards just going and playing have been great drivers for me. As I've gone through this course I've played more, written more, and recorded more than I think I ever have over a similar time period. I confess that I found it hard to stop watching the videos, and so I have to go back to do the workbooks for most of the lessons, but even if I never do that, I've gotten my money's worth just in the new songs I've written. Thanks Tom!

A fellow student

Amazing! I've been playing guitar +25 years and this opened up so many great things I've been missing all these years. I wish I would have seen this 20 years ago :)

A fellow student

What a great lesson! I've been playing since high school. We had a cover band called Raging Answering Machine. I couldn't afford a whammy pedal at the time so I used all kinds of junk on the stings to try and persuade my guitar to approximate Tom's other worldly tones and techniques. I used to rub a nine volt battery along the strings with the gain on my amp cranked to 11. I've had a great time creating music but put the instrument down for several years. Tom's lesson really helped me knock all of that rust off. The day before my state shut down all non-essential businesses I walked into a guitar shop with rubber gloves and a mask on and pointed to a guitar without trying it out. I took it home and I have been taking Tom's class during the shut down and practicing my fingers off. We are all experiencing existential challenges right now and I thought it was appropriate to challenge myself with this class to help put things in perspective. Nietzche said, "Without music, life would be an error." I think it goes beyond just music and Tom seemed to express just that at the end of the lesson by imploring us not just to create but to be truthful about what we create. Excellent class. Bravo!


Absolutely Fantastic! Tom demystifies the experience of guitar playing, music in general and life as a very successful musician and rock star. In my 59 years on this planet, most of those as a guitar player, I have never been taught or witnessed such a deconstruction of the aspects of playing that for so many years has left me with questions about what I might not know or what I'm missing. I come away realizing that I have what I need. Congrats on a excellent job Tom and MC on a job so well done.

A fellow student

My husband and I absolutely loved Tom Morello´s course! His communication skills are great. His content knowledge is incredible. His artistic vision and presentation was worth every minute AND MasterClass is worth every dollar! We are really enjoying all these incredible instructors and courses. We are recommending MasterClass (especially Tom Morello´s) to ALL of our friends. Thank you!