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Meet your new instructor, the Academy Award-winning composer of over 150+ films spanning multiple genres.

Topics include: Introducing Hans Zimmer


Meet your new instructor, the Academy Award-winning composer of over 150+ films spanning multiple genres.

Topics include: Introducing Hans Zimmer

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I'm going to try to put as much into words as I possibly can here. And I'm already on slightly thin ice here with language, because I grew up speaking German, and here I am trying to do this in English. And really, some of it, to be really clear and to be really precise, I have to go and point you at a piece of music, and just shut up and make you listen to it. Because that is my language. That's my form of communicating. So I apologize if I do my normal, which is just go around the houses, not stay on point. But it's all-- this is how I work. It's gathering thoughts. It's gathering momentum. It's gathering ideas. And sometimes, you start over here, and just so you know you have to end over here. Nothing is ever a straight line. And then the only straight line that I can offer you is when you listen to the music. You know, I'm not even saying it's good music or bad music, or any of that stuff. I'm not talking about this. But there is a fairly-- I managed to arrive at a clear thought in the music. And as you can tell from what I speak, it might have been a bit of a struggle to get there. So this is my MasterClass. And the reason I'm doing it is because-- partly because I feel incredibly lucky that I got to a point where somebody would actually ask me to do a MasterClass. And partly I'm doing it to show you what I've done and encourage you not to do it, to do your versions of it. Because I think-- look, if there's one thing I learned, it's constantly moving. I'm supposed to constantly be moving. And you know, the other thing I need is I need to have the next great composer, like at my heels already. I want to hear what the next great ideas are, and it's not-- I don't need it to be mine. But this has been a really interesting journey so far. This has been a worthwhile journey. And I just sort of want to reassure you that however much people discourage you, however hard it gets, at the end of the day, it's worth it. If you feel compelled to write film music, then do it. Hello. I'm Hans Zimmer, and this is my MasterClass.

Tell a story with music

Hans Zimmer didn’t see a film until he was 12 years old. Since then, he’s scored over 150 films, including Inception, The Lion King, and The Dark Knight. In his MasterClass, the self-taught Academy Award-winner teaches how he creates sounds from nothing, composes compelling character themes, and scores a movie before ever seeing it. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to start film scoring.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

As a visual artist I love studying and learning creative disciplines that inform and inspire new avenues to creativity from another point of view. This class was a broadening experience I will take with me moving forward; a class I will most likely repeat for sheer inspiration alone. Thank you.

this was a great conversation....but I would have appreciated MORE music I'm going to find out the music he has written for all these movies. Thanks a lot

What a rare experience to be able to sit and listen to someone who is a master of the synth and also a master of directing live musicians as "actors" (while warning us to always listen and not get carried away by the theater of it). This has been a rare privilege.

The class has really given me for thought as to how i should approaching writing music and that while there is a lot to learn music theory wise the only thing limiting me is my imagination .


Graeme R.

What a beautiful introduction! Hans Zimmer captured the truth of the creative process with perfect clarity.

Sinclair M.

This is my second time doing this masterclass not because it is not good but because it is too good to understand every second of it at one go. Thanks you Hans for every word you shared with us.

Dennis M.

Truly looking forward to this class. This man is a true genius, inspiration, and will truly be remembered as a legend in film music. Can't wait!!!

Zack W.

You are a LEGEND and such an inspiration Mr. Zimmer, I'm really looking forward to this journey!

Ronald J.

I am so hyped...Being able to learn from a master of the art...Ready to dig in.....

Charles M.

I am excited to learn from Hans Zimmer and very thankful that he has made this MasterClass available.

Jeffrey W.

An honour to meet you virtually, Mr. Zimmer. I've long been a fan. Thank you so much for doing this Masterclass. ~ J

Casey S.

I'm so freaking amped! Let's do this, errbody. Happy learning and writing to you all!

Vijay S.

I'm so excited to do this classes with Mr. Hans! Thank you for this great opportunity!

Kenneth S.

An interesting intro, you get a sample of Hans character right from the get-go, very cool!