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Reasons for Hope (Cont'd)

Dr. Jane Goodall

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Dr. Jane ends her MasterClass by reminding us that our work has just begun—and that our greatest tool for creating change is the one that we all share: the indomitable human spirit.

Dr. Jane Goodall
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Finally, there's what I call the indomitable human spirit, and there are icons out there illustrating the indomitable human spirit. So when I first got to Cape Town, it was the height of apartheid. Nelson Mandela was already imprisoned. And now, of course, thanks in large part to Nelson Mandela and that indomitable spirit that wouldn't give up, apartheid has ended in South Africa. Is there still racial discrimination? Yes, there is racial discrimination just about everywhere. But at least the ugly regime of apartheid is ended. And so I carry around with me a little piece of the limestone from the quarry where Nelson Mandela was forced to physical labor for 11 of his 27 years of imprisonment in Robben Island. And this little piece of limestone, for me, is very precious because it illustrates that indomitable spirit. And there are people I know with tremendous physical disabilities who lead lives that are so inspirational. So I met one of them just four days ago. Chris Koch, he's a Canadian. He was born with no legs, just one sort of. I don't know. It's about this long, coming out of his thigh. His arms come to here. He has no hands. And this incredible man, he's so full of life. He goes around the world on a skateboard. He kicks off with the little limb that he has. And children come, and at first, they're a bit scared. And then he goes to places like Cambodia, Vietnam, and he showed me photographs. And as he goes along the street, the children follow him as though he's a Pied Piper. And they cluster around him, and they're amazed. And this indomitable spirit shines through. He's so full of life. And he said, I was put together this way for a reason, and I'm going to help others who have disabilities to understand that this is not the end. And I'm going to help people who don't have disabilities to stop pitying and to realize that we disabled people have a role to play. I met another extraordinary person who lost a leg and an arm because a landmine exploded in Cambodia. He was there in the armed forces. And so he had always wanted to run marathons, and he overcame the pain in his legs. He began running marathons, and he actually ran the most tough marathon in the world on his prosthetic leg. And that is the marathon across the Sahara Desert. Unbelievable that you can run across the Sahara Desert, and this is the piece of the sock that he put over the stump on his leg to stop the sand from rubbing him raw. What an amazing man. And at the same time, I've got this little bell. And this bell is made from a landmine that was diffused in Cambodia. And it's something that I ring on the International Day of Peace. And something else that's amazing. This indomitable human spirit that's able to tackle everything, and giant forest rats have been trained. And I've met them, and I've seen the trainer. ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

To hear Dr. Jane Goodall, a lifelong hero of mine, speak about all she's learned has been an absolute thrill!

This was the first Master Class my husband and I participated in. Jane Goodall is inspirational. She taught us to think about specific topics differently than we had before. This class can indeed change lives.

This class will change your life!! When your ready the teacher will appear!

This was a truly inspirational class. I will watch again. It was so full of wisedom, compassion and indomitable spirit :) thank you (:


Karen C.

I found this entire course fascinating, from her learning about the chimpanzee's, to her conservation efforts, and to her hopeful outlook on our world. Thank you, Dr. Jane for sharing this with us.

Helen P.

Jane speaks to the heart and uses her many stories of life experiences to show us that there is hope, not to give up and to have confidence that we can be part of a movement amongst humans to recognise we need to change and that we can make the world a better place for the people, the animals and the environment.

A fellow student

I learned a lot about Dr. Jane's groundbreaking scientific work, and found this fascinating. But the highest value for me was hearing her wise outlook on life and her hopefulness about solving our seemingly overwhelming problems. What a positive message. I was very moved by this course.


What a wonderful module; a perfect way to kick-start a new year, a new decade, 2020. We are always confronted with gloom and doom, trapped in constant threats, helpless in many different ways but Dr Jane's optimism ignites a sense of hope. I work with an energy management company that has so much to offer, in making this world a better place to be in.


How wonderful to have one's spiritual heart touched in such a kind and thoughtful way. The experience of someone living from a point of Absolute Love and Truth. Thank you Dr. Goodall and Masterclass for sharing something so profoundly inspiring.

A fellow student

What a hopeful, inspirational, and kind message. A message of peace. This was a fantastic masterclass and I would recommend it to anyone. So much rich content. So much to aspire to. Thank you, Jane Goodall and Masterclass, for sharing this wonderful message.


Listening to Jane was listening to my grand-mother, telling stories, true stories, about wild life that is about us. I couldn't stop listening to her, her kindness, her voice so soft and paused, her passion from her childhood and her Wonderfull mother( the way she reacted to Jane' fears and passions, so encouraging, sharing and giving, so clever!). I hope my child will listen to her and take the best of her knowledge to get passionated too and never give up, and learn to make his own part with quietness and courtoisie.I will listen again because it was a real beautifull pause of learning in this "savage world", sharing with us so simply and with humour. Thank you very much I thank you Jane for these lessons of humanity and truth and kindness

Gabriela L.

I didn't expected this MasterClass were so encouraging and enriching. And didn't even expect it had something to do with me. I just was curious about chimps and wild animal life. But now I really understand that we mustn't undervalue our personal power to make a global change. As for me, after taking this class I decided to become a vegetarian, although this kind of diet is seen just as a fashion tendency or even as a caprice. I'm aware that I'm gonna fight against the well extended meat-culture and its prejudices. But I really feel myself inspiring and empowered. Thank you!

A fellow student

This lesson and complete course was excellent. What Jane Goodall has accomplished by her non confrontational method is definitely a reason for hope. Remediation to our planet and its inhabitants would leap ahead if the truly passionate would mirror her image.


Fantastic course! I watched along with my home schooled children and we thoroughly enjoyed each lesson. Thank you Jane Goodall for caring about the earth and for educating and encouraging us to do the same!