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Reasons for Hope (Cont'd)

Dr. Jane Goodall

Lesson time 09:43 min

Dr. Jane ends her MasterClass by reminding us that our work has just begun—and that our greatest tool for creating change is the one that we all share: the indomitable human spirit.

Dr. Jane Goodall
Teaches Conservation
Dr. Jane Goodall shares her insights into animal intelligence, conservation, and activism.
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Finally, there's what I call the indomitable human spirit, and there are icons out there illustrating the indomitable human spirit. So when I first got to Cape Town, it was the height of apartheid. Nelson Mandela was already imprisoned. And now, of course, thanks in large part to Nelson Mandela and that indomitable spirit that wouldn't give up, apartheid has ended in South Africa. Is there still racial discrimination? Yes, there is racial discrimination just about everywhere. But at least the ugly regime of apartheid is ended. And so I carry around with me a little piece of the limestone from the quarry where Nelson Mandela was forced to physical labor for 11 of his 27 years of imprisonment in Robben Island. And this little piece of limestone, for me, is very precious because it illustrates that indomitable spirit. And there are people I know with tremendous physical disabilities who lead lives that are so inspirational. So I met one of them just four days ago. Chris Koch, he's a Canadian. He was born with no legs, just one sort of. I don't know. It's about this long, coming out of his thigh. His arms come to here. He has no hands. And this incredible man, he's so full of life. He goes around the world on a skateboard. He kicks off with the little limb that he has. And children come, and at first, they're a bit scared. And then he goes to places like Cambodia, Vietnam, and he showed me photographs. And as he goes along the street, the children follow him as though he's a Pied Piper. And they cluster around him, and they're amazed. And this indomitable spirit shines through. He's so full of life. And he said, I was put together this way for a reason, and I'm going to help others who have disabilities to understand that this is not the end. And I'm going to help people who don't have disabilities to stop pitying and to realize that we disabled people have a role to play. I met another extraordinary person who lost a leg and an arm because a landmine exploded in Cambodia. He was there in the armed forces. And so he had always wanted to run marathons, and he overcame the pain in his legs. He began running marathons, and he actually ran the most tough marathon in the world on his prosthetic leg. And that is the marathon across the Sahara Desert. Unbelievable that you can run across the Sahara Desert, and this is the piece of the sock that he put over the stump on his leg to stop the sand from rubbing him raw. What an amazing man. And at the same time, I've got this little bell. And this bell is made from a landmine that was diffused in Cambodia. And it's something that I ring on the International Day of Peace. And something else that's amazing. This indomitable human spirit that's able to tackle everything, and giant forest rats have been trained. And I've met them, and I've seen the trainer. ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I never went to college. I'm 57 years old and I have realized through this class that I can make a difference. Thank you Jane, I've admired you all my life and will do my part for animals and the earth. Thank you Masterclass, I so enjoyed this course!

Jane Goodall has done so much good in her life. She makes me want to be a better person.

This was a fuller story of Jane Goodall and her inspiring work. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it and I don't think you can take this class without being changed in some way.

I am so invigorated to be a part of helping save planet earth. I have not eaten meat since starting the class. My mother is invigorated, at 78, to see someone so vital as Jane, who travels the world, 300 days a year! I have recommended this class to so many people!



An incredible masterclass - undoubtedly for it's JANE GOODALL!!!- in its all-encompassing essence, symbiotic relation in magic of all of our Oneness!! We must stop this anthropocentric way of thinking and acting - which is what's killing us along with our planet. WE CAN, YOU can, I CAN, and I have much respect, hope and love for the younger generation!! Very empowered, shaken and grateful to have Jane Goodall - and a few but powerful others like her on our planet! Thank you.


Inspirational, thought provoking and instructional. I will take the many tips provided by Dr. Jane to help improve humans effect on nature and our environment. Thank you Dr Jane.

A fellow student

Oh Jane, Thank you for your beautiful, spirited, completely authentic and equanimous being. I'm grateful for you, for all the work you've done and the inspiration you put forth to so many.

Zekun Y.

Watched multiple masterclasses. I found out that great people always have a pure heart, and want to contribute to the whole society. Jane Goodall saw what industrial did but still have hope for the earth, and want to make a change. An impact is dependent on every single one of us. Purchase less meat, separate recyclable waste and plant some trees, etc. Thank you for the lecture!

A fellow student

I am inspired by your stories and in love with your class. Especially with all the turmoil in the world, it's nice to have a perspective on hope. Thank you:)

A fellow student

We are one human family, and more broadly, one planet family. Thank you Jane Goodall for your deep empathy and respect for all life on earth. I feel encouraged to hang on to hope and use my spirit to improve life on earth.

Luisger L.

I loved this lesson, and it leaves me full of hope. Dr. Goodall seems to have such a profound respect for each individual sentient life form in the planet, and such appreciation for the interconnectedness. Those are my two main takeaways. Thank you Dr. Goodall, and thank you MasterClass!!


So glad I spent the whole day listening to Dr. Goodall. I am inspired to do my part. To not waste water, food, energy or an opportunity. She is so spiritual — she gets that animals are beings. I am guilty of mindlessly eating animal meat and want to curb that behavior and also write about my life and ideas that will inspire others to be the best person they were meant to be

Christianna V.

Watching these episodes was so inspiring. I love her story, how it all started and how she seemed to land exactly where she belonged.

Kathy Cramer Realtor -.

I haven't heard of Roots and Shoots. Dr. Goodall talks about how to save our planet. She talks about funding. Money is needed. I have come to the conclusion that our saving the planet comes down to each person doing their share. We also must rely on the generosity of those who have been given much to share in our community. We do indeed need each other. #2020togetherstrong.