Mock Negotiation: Teenager

Chris Voss

Lesson time 10:19 min

Chris plays the part of a father whose teenage daughter wants to spend the weekend with her boyfriend at his parents’ vacation home; he doesn’t trust the boyfriend. Chris demonstrates techniques to get his “daughter” on his side.

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Topics include: Mock Negotiation: Teenager


[MUSIC PLAYING] - All right. Pam, what we're going to do now is we're going to do another negotiation exercise. This time I'm going to be your dad, you're going to be a 16-year-old girl. Your boyfriend, Ryan, has invited you to go to the lake house with his family for the weekend. It's Labor Day weekend. And you previously got an invitation to go to the lake house for a party, and I found out that his parents weren't going to be there, so I wouldn't let you go. And you want to go and be with your boyfriend over the weekend at the lake. - OK. - All right. And since you're a trained actor, then I would like you to do as much as you can to channel your inner 16-year-old girl. - - And react as much as you think a 16-year-old girl would actually react. - OK. Hey Dad? Ryan's parents invited me to their lake house for the weekend, for Labor Day weekend. - Ryan? - Yeah, Ryan. - Ryan's parents. - Yeah, his parents. His parents are going to be there for the weekend. - For the weekend. - Uh-huh. Yeah. For Labor Day weekend. - For the whole weekend. - Uh-huh. With him and his parents. - For Labor Day weekend. - Yeah, for Labor Day weekend. They wanted to know if I could go. - So you're going to think that I'm the worst father that ever lived. You're going to hate me. You're going to tell me that I'm ruining your life. I want to spend the weekend with you. Labor Day weekend is a big deal to me. - Dad. I mean, I just want to go with them, OK? This is kind of a big deal that they asked me, OK? To spend the weekend on the lake. Like we can spend the weekend together anytime. And it's important that I go. - It's important that you go. - Yeah. It's important that I go. - What makes it important? - Because it's like, you know, a big step in Ryan and-- you know, it's-- - A big step? - Yeah, because his parents are accepting me or whatever. They asked me to go, they're being nice. They like me. - They like you. - Yeah, they like me. And Ryan likes me, and they want me to spend the weekend with them. - How am I supposed to go along with that? - I don't know what the big deal is. Yeah, so I go away for the weekend. It's not like we're staying in the same room or anything. - How do I know where you're going to stay? - Because his parents are going to be there. - They're going to be there the whole time. - Yeah. His parents are going to be there the whole time. - They're all going to sit around in the living room together and stare at each other for the entire weekend. - I guess, or go on the lake on the boat or whatever. - Have you been there before? - No, because you won't let me go before. Remember? They had a party there and I couldn't go to the party? - Yeah, so it sounds like Ryan's parents don't actually keep that close track of him. - They do. They're going to be there this whole weekend. - They let him t...

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