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The Power of Negotiation

Chris Voss

Lesson time 03:07 min

Chris’s motivation for teaching negotiation is deeply personal. Discover why Chris believes negotiation is a powerful tool that can transform your life.

Chris Voss
Teaches The Art of Negotiation
Former FBI lead hostage negotiator Chris Voss teaches you communication skills and strategies to help you get more of what you want every day.


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I hope my legacy as a teacher of negotiation is somebody that is remembered just who helped a lot of people have smoother lives, have more enjoyable life, get more out of life, whatever it is that they wanted to do. Maybe they just want to go surfing all the time. It doesn't matter. It helped them have the courage to go ahead and navigate that and go out and do it and live a fantastic life, look back on our life and have it be an amazing story. One of the reasons I love teaching people negotiation, it's because I hate bullies, and this gives people power in the face of a bully. Why do I hate bullies so much? You know, I search my mind for that a lot. I got a really bad reaction to bullies. I mean, I want to go after them. I think it was-- I look back on it. When I was about nine, there was a neighborhood bullies, scared the hell out of me, scared the hell out of me a couple times, called me by my house, scared me to death. I remember being the most scared I ever was in my life. Called me at the local town pool a few days again after that, scared the hell out of me. The first time he called me, it was-- we were playing a game where all these kids were playing a game, and he made up the story about how that somehow I'd broken the law, and he stopped me, and he grabbed my bike, and he held onto me and explained to me how I was going to be taken to jail for breaking a law and that I was going to be executed and I would be killed. And it terrified me. And then at the time that he was doing that, the way that we used to-- the way I used to be signaled by my mom that it was time to come home-- I had a stay-at-home mom, and it was dinner time, and we were in the neighborhood. She had a whistle that she blew, and she blew the whistle, and we knew it was time to come home. And she blew the whistle, and he wouldn't let me go. And I had never, ever not been able to get back. And that was the most afraid I ever was. Why did it make me so emotional to go back to that place? I don't know. I haven't-- I think-- yeah, protecting people has always mattered. It always mattered to me that I would have the opportunity to protect people or save people. The protect and serve part of law enforcement always meant something to me. I just wanted to-- somehow the opportunity to get the bad guys has always meant a lot to me. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: You already know that you trust me. You can tell that I'm being straight with you. Why don't you meet me outside? You gonna-- you gonna come out now? MAN: Yeah, I wanna end this shit, man. MAN: OK.

About the Instructor

As an FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss persuaded terrorists, bank robbers, and kidnappers to see things his way. Now he’s teaching you his field-tested strategies to help you in everyday negotiations, whether you’re aiming to improve your salary, the service you receive, or your relationships. Get stronger communication skills, game-changing insights into human nature, and more of what you want out of life.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have loved this class! Chris Voss' Master Class has helped me to tailor how I communicate with a potential employer. During this time of COVID, hiring freezes, and a massive influx of potential candidates, I'm working during this time to practice my communication skills, and Mr. Voss' lesson has helped greatly.

I believe I have learned to communicate better in my job.

I used some of Chris Voss's techniques to help me with an abusive ex boyfriend. I used mirroring and other tactics Chris taught me to leave a discussion with the other party not feeling slandered or accused when I really wanted to lay into him. I used empathy and it helped create a neutrality. The power of no is POWERFUL.

This is more than a business skill, it's a life skill. It's about psychology, sociology, confidence, communication skills. It's helped me to understand this a lot.


A fellow student

This is the best course I have ever taken in my life! I have struggled with bullies and people taking advantage of me for so long that now I have learned how to use all these tools to use in different aspects of my life and I am extremely thankful for taking this course. Thank you so much Chris, you are amazing. :)


Very good class. Great content and great instructor. The actual "one on one" sessions really clarified the presentations. It's all about practicing now.

A fellow student

Chris, you gotta know, this masterclass helped me carve out an entirely new perspective. Thank you.

A fellow student

This was formidable. Thank you Chris, I still often forget to put these in practice but I'm trying to remember. I seem to get caught up in habit.... Any chance I can practice with you in the future? (long shot!) Your last lesson really got to me, I felt the same way....

Alan, G.

I wish the formatting on Masterclass would allow for separate lines instead of blocks of writing

Alan, G.

I have pages and pages of notes on this Masterclass. I have read the book a few times, heard the audiobook a few times, and still had plenty to write. Seeing the lessons actually in practical use teaches a lot of further fascinating ideas as well. Seeing them in practical use and the real reactions of a person under their spell is truly wondrous. An incredible teacher and an incredible Masterclass. It also resonated with me that desire to stop, and anger towards, bullies, as I myself was also bullied. A great class. Would love to speak sometime to Chris although don't see it happening any time soon :) Although perhaps I can think of a way it would be of benefit to him too. Thank you Masterclass (Thank you to Chris, and of course Pam too. I could truly feel that inner teenage girl in her mock negotiation)


Thank you so much Chri. I love all your books and this class gave me so much insight in real negotiations. I especially appreciated the mock negotiations. Shout out to Pam too.

Tamara B.

this gave me so much insight into myself and helped me to learn how i could better myself and have more positive outcomes in the current circumstance regarding whats going on in my life and this is part of the needed change. I learned new techniques in how to come out of situations that are not favorable and I learned how to find better approaches when negotiating with others.


This was an amazing class, Chris Voss is extremely talented and makes the lessons very tangible. I will definitely be rewatching this class.

A fellow student

Brilliant speaker ! I am very glad to choose this lecture. Also made some notes for my future business.