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Bonus Chapter: Transcendental Meditation

David Lynch

Lesson time 17:08 min

David practices Transcendental Meditation twice a day. Learn to approach life and work with deeper awareness through meditation and enjoy the “doing” of almost any activity.

David Lynch
Teaches Creativity and Film
David Lynch teaches his unconventional process for translating visionary ideas into film and other art forms.
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An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his cross-disciplinary creative process. Learn how he catches ideas, translates them into a narrative, and moves beyond formulaic storytelling. Embrace the art life in David’s MasterClass and learn to test the boundaries of your own artistic expression in any medium.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This was an excellent course! Thank you, David, for sharing your insight with us! It has been an inspiration for me.

Loved that he brought up that creativity can be smothered by negativity and needing to take care of yourself.

really enjoyed listening and watching David Lynch. found him very inspiring on creativity particularly. now i’ll rewatch and start to apply things. thank you,

So grateful for the emphasis re: focus on the 'idea.' Also, David Lynch's generosity and poetic vision of life and art. I learned so much even though my focus is short fiction, not film. Thank you!


Eduardo F.

I loved this course, my favorite in Masterclas so far. Inspiring and with greats ammount of tecnical information! I was already a fan of David movies, now I´m also a fan of the man himself :)

Brendan B.

David Lynch is such a great artist and an extremely interesting and unique character. This class is superb and kudos to the masterclass filmmakers on their beautiful production, camerawork, lighting and editing.

Joanna G.

This masterclass was not just about filmmaking. I recognize him as an artist as other artists I know and have known. The last class is such a gift to us. An extremely intuitive individual. So many interesting spot on observations. I particularly liked his impatience with the concept of the suffering artist cultural cliche. So true. I miss seeing his movies more often in the cinemas. Going to new Lynch movie was a highlight of the summertime movie season for me.

Maria A.

Amazing and inspiring; what a marvellous artist and human being!!! I would have liked to hear about the technical side of things (how to organize a shot or how to edit them?), although I understand that probably that would be a masterclass of a different kind of director. So happy I took this class!

Lord H.

An important exegesis on transcendence; there aught be a better illustration of Lynch’s drawing to make his understanding of the “ wave, or slip-stream” he is attempting explain. I have always found the explanations of those attempting explain the unseen lacking, and felt their perception conceivably not what others are understanding, thus We are all thinking we know what the other is speaking about, when We may or may not. Similar as trying show someone what radio waves and infrared light waves look like. An illustration in Technicolor is what We need here. Lynch is most interesting. The feel and look of this setting is a moving painting; lighting and colour with soft smoke around his face from time to time: alluring and contemplative.

Sonia M.

I came to Masterclass believing Shonda was going to be the very best I'd see. I have a love-hate relationship with David Lynch and wasn't too sure about watching his class...Oh boy, was I wrong! Without a single doubt, after having watched all of the Film r/Screenwriting related classes here, he is number one. Raw, simple in his own complexity, motivational and full of priceless advice that can only come from a mind that is wired in a different way and from someone I had respect, but for whom that respect has grown 1000 times bigger. Thank you, Mr Lynch, for allowing me not only to understand your mind better but for also giving me a deeper understanding of your thinking process. I'll be forever grateful and humbled by your words.I could not praise enough and I am not prone to leave feedback...

George B.

I found myself being powerfully encouraged by this instructor. Many times, this has almost been against my will! His work has invariably been in projects that I turn away from (I could not stand to watch Eraserhead!), yet I frequently felt like yelling "Look! I can in fact DO that!"

Kassi K.

If David told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Yes, for party time, just take your phone out of your pocket. Today I completed my fourth session of Transcendental Meditation in Los Feliz. Financially, it was a huge risk because I quit my bartending job on the spot earlier this week and no one helps me out. Before the class, I was experiencing extreme anger, panic, and nightmares. Extreme. I had a nightmare that avocados were slithering up my wall... they were still in the green net. I know, it sounds hilarious but it felt so real that it's one of the only dreams that I shot up awake from still in terror. Yes, I was detoxing from weed to be able to do TM and I'm so glad that I did. My anger and panic have already decreased massively. My only complaint is that TM is so blissful and fun that I want to meditate all the time to escape life, but I'll stick to 2-2.5 times a day. Thank you for sharing this, otherwise, right now I would just be smoking or drinking and applying to a bunch of "safe" jobs that would eventually leave me bored and irritable and the cycle would continue.

Dan U.

I’d have to see his movies and art. I did see Elephant Man bu that was a long time ago. The market decides however I’m perplexed. Some good stuff.

Andy P.

I skipped to this one and I think it's one I need. I hope I can find a legit teacher in Columbus Ohio. Party time!