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Sound Design and Scoring

David Lynch

Lesson time 9:51 min

The right music can elevate every other cinematic element on screen. Learn how David collaborates with composers and sound designers to create the perfect union of sound and picture.

David Lynch
Teaches Creativity and Film
David Lynch teaches his unconventional process for translating visionary ideas into film and other art forms.
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An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his cross-disciplinary creative process. Learn how he catches ideas, translates them into a narrative, and moves beyond formulaic storytelling. Embrace the art life in David’s MasterClass and learn to test the boundaries of your own artistic expression in any medium.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I've sort of learned that striving for creativity is the pillar of good stories. There's something about unique ideas that speaks to the psyche. And it's not that some people just are able to tap into the psyche, but rather that some people are blocked by insecurities or stress. In reality, everyone is able to unlock that skill and their own creativity.

Don't scare away the fish with negativity. Learn how to transcend and be happy in the doing

Inspired. Lynch is so much himself it inspires me to find myself and build from there Thats where the power is. Thanks MC and David

Very inspiring masterclass! I learnt a lot of valuable stuff from David Lynch and it was fun, didn't feel bored!


Debby V.

I love that Lynch stresses the importance of music and picture and choosing that right piece of music for that image.

Ashton J.

As a musician, it's always fascinating to hear David's thoughts on sound and how he works with Angelo Badalamenti. Lynch's output always has sound that brings you into the story in many more ways than what's being depicted on screen. You get so much more context for the atmosphere and the mood of the story than you would with a more traditional score, or without sound design that didn't have so much care, attention, and intention to meld, marry, and elaborate on the cinematic narrative. Now I wanna go float my expensive microphones in the bathtub.

Ashley S.

Having someone play music while you speak words that convey your ideas is such a brilliant way to create a score.

Bogdan I.

My mind is absolutley blown away. "I would talk to Angelo with … words, and Angelo wold play my words, if I dind't like, I changhed my words".

Saurav N.

How do you find talented people like Angelo or Alf? Especially when you are struggling with your budget . How do you motivate them?

A fellow student

He is incredible! I could listen to him endlessly. Thank you for this great masterclass, David! As it always happens when it comes to good things, it's never enough...

Michele H.

Would have loved to hear more about choosing artists and music for Club Bang-Bang, especially the past season of Twin Peaks when there seemed a particular intent to each episode (he directed each one). The NIN set was thrilling!

Javier D.

Twin Peaks is the best cinematic score in history of TV! Thank you David! You can close your eyes and be in a sensual, mysterious and fun unexpected Northern place that is the Twin Peaks universe.

Carlos S.

Thank you, David.

Anastacia S.

David is so true to his own vision. That is part of what makes his work inimitable and unique.