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Production Design: Building Unique Worlds

David Lynch

Lesson time 18:06 min

The world on screen begins as an idea in the director’s mind. David shares several show-and-tell techniques for conveying ideas to designers, encouraging improvisation along the way.

David Lynch
Teaches Creativity and Film
David Lynch teaches his unconventional process for translating visionary ideas into film and other art forms.
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An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his cross-disciplinary creative process. Learn how he catches ideas, translates them into a narrative, and moves beyond formulaic storytelling. Embrace the art life in David’s MasterClass and learn to test the boundaries of your own artistic expression in any medium.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Methodical and easy to understand. There seems to be something really uncanny about David which is such a gem! Enjoyed it very much.

Thank you! I learned so much that will help me with my work. I enjoyed this class.

This is one of my favorite all time movie directors, so i liked anything about it! Congratulations to get this instructor to Masterclass group of teachers and mentors!!

I loved when David broke down how he did the shots/lighting for his films like eraserhead.


Luca N.

Is very interesting how David manages to teach the method without excessive technical restrictions .. because everything is based on the idea. A different approach that everyone can apply.

Jonathan W.

David Lynch's approach to directing, production design, and other aspects of film production are fantastic. His intuition and reliance on feeling is unmatched. I definitely can see how this can be effective in independent filmmaking and it's something you'd hardly ever see in a packaged blockbuster. But these films stand the test of time and are not forgotten.

Mary R.

This Master Class with David Lynch is worth the annual subscription. He's such a creative force and he's being so generous with his knowledge. What a treasure.

Tulio V.

I loved to know that he creates scenes and even new characters while shooting.

A fellow student

Almost instantly, I connect to his warmth, honesty, and integrity in his words.

Graeme R.

Such extraordinary creativity that David Lynch exhibits and encourages. Only a deeply self-assured person could do it.

Javier D.

Fantastic! How different to formula Directors! Let inspiration in to the filmmaking! By the way, I'd like to point the amazing world construction in Dune, specially the introduction scene of Baron Harkonnen. I've seen this scene recently and stands out with unique style, still modern, avant-garde. I'll love to learn from David about this scene!


The magic of making movies is held in being aware of the surroundings and listening to what the universe is giving you.


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