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Working With Actors

David Lynch

Lesson time 14:03 min

Rehearsals are the time to shape scenes and take risks. David teaches you how to bring out an actor’s potential in front of the camera and elicit an unforgettable performance.

David Lynch
Teaches Creativity and Film
David Lynch teaches his unconventional process for translating visionary ideas into film and other art forms.
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An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his cross-disciplinary creative process. Learn how he catches ideas, translates them into a narrative, and moves beyond formulaic storytelling. Embrace the art life in David’s MasterClass and learn to test the boundaries of your own artistic expression in any medium.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

One of the greatest things I've ever seen. Incredibly inspiring.

Thank you so much for taking Mr. Lynch as a teacher. He has a vision to share like nobody else has. The best class to infuse creativity in your work.

I loved seeing David's non-traditional approach to developing a film. The idea "You don't have to suffer to show suffering," will stay with me :D

I love David Lynch. Awesome teacher and spirit. Please live a very, very long life sir.



very valuable! i love Fellini and Billy Wilder, Polanski. Amazing! The way Lynch is breaking down his process is extremely helpful when it comes to filmmaking. I am an actress in Los Angeles and this is helping so much to understand the process from the director's perspective. Regards, Ana Lawson

Natalie C.

Interesting and genius approach to pace, pauses, and their power. They can lead the viewer's mind to wander into the right places and establish a deep, and at the same time, playful connection between the film and the viewer's flow of thought.

R.G. R.

His focus on an understanding of and respect for actors is key to the way a director can get a performance that works, and it shows in his films again and again.

A fellow student

This is truly incredible and inspiring. I have been so nervous with the uncertainty of the future, but hearing David Lynch's words bring me comfort. I think it's really beautiful that he has a collection of drawings from match books and how he talks about directing with kindness. I can understand how his movies are so impactful when listening to him speak on it. I don't know anything about film. My degree is in psychology, but I love how it all overlaps and correlates.

Hedydd I.

Working with actors can be such an elusive thing. A beautiful approach by Lynch. The deeper I get into his Masterclass the more I love it. His pace is truly riveting. At the start you think he's just thinking slow but then you come to realise he's thinking much faster than all of us, and just takes the time to articulate the right ideas.

Madeline E.

It's great hearing about things from the other point of view, like how the director/ writer etc processes things

Charm F.

It’s very truthful & Direct you to think,The most favorite is the options about being in front of the camera,For as we have to give The person that’s watching enjoyment.

Dylan H.

I also played David in a show from 2011 to 2017 called Black Lodge (In the photo, far left). I watched a lot of David's interviews, all the movies, and read much of his writing in order to stay true to the person, but I could never quite get the hair right. I even met a handful of people he has worked with like John Neff who said we got into his mind. We just did a lot of research and followed our feelings about his art, which we all love. Thank you, again, David!

Dylan H.

I began my path as a graphic artist living in the woods with a park ranger dad, then an actor and then became a stage and film director with time. David comes from a similar path. If you don't love actors, you really shouldn't direct. When I first watched The Grey Fox as a kid, I though that someday I might direct Richard Farnsworth in a film. So glad David made The Straight Story with Richard. I cry at the end ever single time. A movie that confirmed once again why I love working with actors. Moments like that are why we do it. Thank you, David!

Milad T.

6:30 that's the dude from avengers 1, i knew it right when i heard his voice. "you fell outta the sky"