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Parting Words

Margaret bids her students farewell, sharing her desire to pass on her wisdom to the next generation of writers.

Topics include: Parting Words


Margaret bids her students farewell, sharing her desire to pass on her wisdom to the next generation of writers.

Topics include: Parting Words

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I'm nearing the end of my trajectory. So this is sort of my last shot at here are some things that maybe you, down the line, may find useful, because it's unlikely that I will be traveling the world saying these things for very much longer. I sometimes say this to rooms full of young people. I say, climate change is going to be your problem, but it's not going to be my problem for very much longer, because I'm going to die. No, you're not! I say, well, actually, yes, I am. Maybe I shouldn't have been quite so morbid. But I don't think it's morbid. I think here's a package that I can put some of these things into, pass them along without having to teach in a (WHISPERING) university. Without having to teach in a universi-- So thank you for staying with me for all this time, and good luck with everything that you're doing, and farewell.

The art of powerful storytelling

Called the “Prophet of Dystopia,” Margaret Atwood is one of the most influential literary voices of our generation. In her first-ever online writing class, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale teaches how she crafts compelling stories, from historical to speculative fiction, that remain timeless and relevant. Explore Margaret’s creative process for developing ideas into novels with strong structures and nuanced characters.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I love Margaret Atwood and found the class to be full of wisdom, humour and insight. Thanks for a wonderful ride! (now back to the writing ... )

I like Margaret Atwood, and I think she is a fantastic writer. I was happy to listen to everything she shared.

I am in awe of Margaret Atwood now more than ever. I would like to re watch all of the lessons again. Incredible! Have learned so much! Fantastic teacher.

I can't really say enough good things about this Masterclass. Margaret Atwood's advice and inspiration will remain with me for a long time. Thanks


A fellow student

Inspired me to finally venture into the world of writing! Margaret is a treasure. I could listen to her all day every day.

J'nee H.

I don't want it to be over! I found her class so well organized. Plus, I loved her gracious nature, smirky pauses and interesting advice. Thank you Margaret Atwood!

Selin S.

It was such an inspiring class, just wonderful! I really fell in love with the smartness and humour of Margaret Atwood.

Angela M.

Margaret Atwood gave great insight throughout all her lesson about the modern day and historical struggles of the everyday writer (published or not). She inspired me to write every day, and I believe one of the most crucial things she taught was to do this every day, even if the words are not right- eventually, they will lead you to the right message you are trying to portray.

Bronwyn W.

I very much enjoyed Margaret Atwood's Master Class and I took notes at every lesson. I not only felt inspired by her lessons but I loved the setting ~ as if I were having tea with Margaret in her study. Excellent presentation. Please consider having Anne Lamott as another writing instructor/mentor in the writing series.

Craig H.

I cannot say today how this course has helped, or will help me, but I know it has planted seeds that will grow something within me I can't yet recognize. Spending this time listening to Ms. Atwood's wit, humor, advice and aphorisms is affecting me, even now, in ways that feel nascent, not yet full, like buds on a branch. That, to me, is what a master of an art, like this gracious and mischievous woman, can do for a student, if the student, to extend the metaphor, offers rich soil in which to plant those seeds. I will try to be that soil, worthy of her gifts.


Wow! Since I started this course in mid-January to now I have come such a long way in my writing and author journey. I have been more invigorated and refreshed when sitting down the write. I feel more inspired than ever to get my next book out and ready for to be consumed by readers. Margaret Atwood is simply amazing: her stories, her prose, her teaching style! This was the opportunity of a lifetime to study from her! Thank you MA!

Jerry B.

Margaret Atwood is an amazing and powerful speaker and teacher. I did the whole class in one sitting. Yes, she is that good.

Rodrigo D.

This was my first class here at MasterClass... and how glad I am to have taken it. Not only the words of wisdom were valuable, but the way the advices were told, as in an old and familiar story. I' pretty sure I will come back to sip again some of the wisdom shared here, when my memory fails me... It was a unique and amazing experience, and I am really grateful to be given this opportunity. Thank you!


This was an extraordinary experience, listening to Margaret Atwood and all the teachings in her trajectory. So much to reflect on in my notes and I may just revisit this masterclass again. Her wisdom, ingenuity and humour was inspiring and I am sad to see I have reached the end of it. Thank you so much for having her as an instructor. A truly wonderful experience.