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Building a Solid Foundation


Lesson time 6:33 min

Raven does a foundation tutorial, explaining how to match, apply, and blend your foundation.

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Topics include: Building a Solid Foundation


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:14.46] - My first foundation was Fashion Fair Tawny Glow. And I know a lot of people are out there laughing, because that was a lot of people's first foundation. And when I used it, I had a band called RuPaul and the U-Hauls. One of the U-Hauls wore this foundation. I thought, oh wow, that's my color. Let's wear it. Well, I wore it. I put it on, and it was just one color. My whole face was one color, which is not what you want to do. A face needs dimension, so you're going to need some light lights under the eye. You'll probably need some darker shades for under the cheekbone, and to contour your face. And if you're feeling frisky, do a few other tones that sort of help round out proportions. [00:01:05.98] Now, for a man's face, men usually have strong jaw bone and a strong brow bone. So a lot of times, we'll contour the jaw lying down, to minimize it and put the focus on the eyes. But years ago when I was doing Tawny Glow-- This is 1982. I wasn't powdering it. You have to set the foundation. It took me several months of doing that to realize, oh, I should be powdering it. [00:01:38.44] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:46.14] We're talking foundations right now with Raven. And a lot of people ask, how do you find out what the perfect tone for you is? How do you find that out? [00:01:56.55] RAVEN: I say it's better to make sure-- look at your chest, and match and swatch the colors on your chest. A lot of people do their hand. But your hand is always-- [00:02:04.74] RUPAUL: When you're driving, my hands are a lot darker. [00:02:06.42] RAVEN: Yeah, especially the one out here. So it's better to swatch here, knowing that most of the time, we wear something that shows this area. [00:02:16.51] RUPAUL: Yeah, when you contour my face, can you give me a ballpark figure of how many colors you use on my face? Because obviously there's a highlight under the eyes. There is a dark here, and there's a dark under here. [00:02:30.71] - And then there's three more shades in there somewhere. [00:02:33.02] RUPAUL: Three more shades? [00:02:34.01] - So we use five, and they're all warm. Everything looks better warm, especially when you're going on TV, when you're going on stage, or you're going under lights. [00:02:39.75] RUPAUL: You mean you don't use green foundation on me? [00:02:43.04] - If you would like to, we could. [00:02:45.59] - Does the brand matter? [00:02:47.72] - No. [00:02:48.26] RUPAUL: Does not matter? [00:02:49.67] - If it works for you. There are products out there that cost $2.99 a jar that might be-- [00:02:56.03] - 2.99? Two dollars and 99 cents? [00:02:58.69] - Yes. And there may be some that are $299. So it just depends. But I think everyone needs to make sure they invest in at least a good foundation. It's the foundation. It's the foundation. [00:03:10.34] RUPAUL: The house is built on the foundation. You said you use five different shades on me. How many different shades do you use on...

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