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Putting On the Final Touches


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Raven tries on different wigs and wardrobe options to see how they complete her look.

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Topics include: Putting On the Final Touches


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:02.65] - What you're going to see in this section of the class is Raven expertly doing her lips. And boy oh boy, this is a real treat. [00:00:13.74] And Raven will also be trying on several wigs. Now you're going to get a firsthand view of what it's like to really transform yourself. This is power that is available to you. And it's available to you now. [00:00:29.26] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:37.15] I have always loved wigs. I've been fascinated by wigs. I remember as a kid in my neighborhood, the kids-- somebody came around and said, there's a wig in the canyon-- I'm from San Diego, so there's canyons everywhere-- there's a wig in the canyon. [00:00:51.31] And we all ran to look at this wig. I don't know why somebody didn't just pick it up and bring it into the neighborhood. But it was like this alien had landed. [00:01:00.55] My first wig was-- that I actually owned was given to me in Atlanta, Georgia by Claire Parker. And it was actually two wigs. And I piled one on top of the other. [00:01:13.30] Raggedy, probably worth $1 for the two of them. And I loved it so much. I want to talk about having fun. I want to talk about shapeshifting. Man oh man, wigs can transform you into so many different things. [00:01:34.55] I mean twist it around and wear it backwards. Listen, wherever you can put a wig, I say go for it. [00:01:41.67] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:50.01] OK, let's talk lips. Now does everyone need a lip liner? [00:01:53.90] - No. I prefer a lined lip. Now I now use three different shades of a matte paint-on lipstick. [00:02:02.51] - Yeah, they don't move. Once you put him down, they don't move. [00:02:05.39] - No. [00:02:05.75] - And they're not. [00:02:06.20] - And so we'll pull some out, use a angled brush, draw the shape of the lip, and then fill it in with usually a little bit of that shade, and then two more. [00:02:14.45] - You use a liquid lipstick to line my lips. And you create the dimension with that. The whole look is created with the liquid lipstick. [00:02:21.91] DAVID PETRUSCCHIN: Yeah. [00:02:22.16] - And it dries matte. [00:02:23.45] - Yep. It dries down. It doesn't move, it doesn't need to be touched up. The only time we-- you need to really touch anything up is maybe-- [00:02:30.20] RUPAUL ANDRE CHARLES: Right in here. Yeah [00:02:31.52] - Or right there. [00:02:32.15] RUPAUL ANDRE CHARLES: And you know a trick I found for those liquid lipsticks is to put a lip primer on. You know, the same primer for your face. And you put that on and you don't get the crunchy, crinkly bits. [00:02:42.40] - And the lip looks softer. But then I also like a little bit of shimmer or you know-- [00:02:48.50] RUPAUL ANDRE CHARLES: A highlighter, yeah. [00:02:49.38] - Yeah, I put some of that Stella-- the eye stuff-- right here. [00:02:54.89] - Right there in the lip so it actually makes the lip sort of pucker a little bit. Now my lips are not symmetrical. Most people's lips are not symme...

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