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The Glow Up: Contour and Color


Lesson time 4:34 min

Raven builds her nose by contouring various planes of the face. She demonstrates how to properly contour, color, and highlight to create optical illusions.

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Topics include: The Glow Up: Contour and Color


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:14.15] - You know, since the whole drag craze has happened, a lot of women will get on YouTube with tutorials and all that stuff, and they will-- they talk about countering. A lot of women are contouring now. Are they doing it the exact same way that the queens are doing it? [00:00:30.24] - Pretty much. [00:00:30.94] - Yeah. [00:00:31.30] - If you look across the board, contour's contour, and highlight is highlight. It just depends on if it's a lot or a little bit. [00:00:42.11] RUPAUL: Sure. [00:00:42.19] DAVID: It's all about taking your time. [00:00:43.83] RUPAUL: Yeah. [00:00:44.36] - I go in with one of those sticks, and I just, you know, carve this out, but I want this to be as dark as possible without becoming, you know, black. [00:00:55.85] RUPAUL: Right, Nosferatu. [00:00:57.08] - And this to be as bright as possible-- [00:00:59.75] RUPAUL: Yeah. [00:01:00.51] DAVID: --where just it's soft. It's feminine. It's bright. It's beautiful. [00:01:05.96] - Well, that's the thing is that the highlights and the darkness really create a fully rounded, three-dimensional look when you're looking at it. So that's another area where you can play around. And again, not just for drag queens-- women, men, anyone who wants to really conduct and orchestrate how people see you. That's the beauty of makeup. [00:01:29.96] DAVID: Yeah. [00:01:30.44] - So now after you have carved out your nose, put some contouring underneath your jaw line-- why do you put the contour underneath your jaw line? [00:01:39.68] - Because I want a smaller jaw. [00:01:41.72] RUPAUL: You want a smaller jaw. How far up will you go with the contour of the jaw? [00:01:46.88] DAVID: I like to go right on the jaw. I like to go from here-- [00:01:51.56] RUPAUL: Yeah. [00:01:52.69] - --down. [00:01:53.27] RUPAUL: Right. [00:01:53.84] - And then, you know, highlight, highlight, highlight. [00:01:56.47] - Right. You put a highlight in here, not on the tip of the-- [00:02:00.20] - Just here. [00:02:00.98] RUPAUL: Right in here. [00:02:01.86] - Yeah. [00:02:02.27] RUPAUL: And that brings that forward. [00:02:04.34] - And makes it look like, you know-- [00:02:06.38] RUPAUL: Yes. [00:02:07.08] - --little-- look at my little chin. [00:02:08.72] - Yeah, because I think everybody knows that light brings things forward and dark puts things in shadow. So you get to orchestrate how your face is seen by the public. And, of course, when you're on stage and the light is hitting you straight on, all of that illusion really comes to life. [00:02:25.70] DAVID: Now when I first started doing drag, everything was powders. I did everything with powders. [00:02:28.97] RUPAUL: You did everything with powders. You didn't do the foundation. What's the advantage of doing your contour with a wet foundation as opposed to doing it all with a powder? [00:02:37.35] DAVID: It lasts longer-- [00:02:38.30] RUPAUL: Yeah. [00:02:38.56] - --and there's mor...

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