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Prepping the Face


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As he prepares his face for drag makeup, David Petruschin (better known as Raven) chats with RuPaul.

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[00:00:00.66] RAVEN: I love doing drag because I love the transformation. The costuming, the hair, the makeup. It is an art form. [00:00:06.36] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] [00:00:12.86] RUPAUL: What you're gonna see in this section of the class is Raven, a.k.a. David Petruschin transforming herself. Every trick that she uses on me and on herself will be shown, starting with the foundation. What is your foundation? What is the right foundation for you? That is the first step in drag. [00:00:34.79] You know, preparing the skin, preparing yourself to present yourself to the world. Now, in the case of makeup, you know, when Raven does my makeup, there are light lights, dark darks, medium darks, medium lights, and it all creates a trick of how the eye sees light and dark. That is the beginning. [00:00:59.90] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] [00:01:08.73] We've got Raven here. We are watching how the magic happens, and we're gonna get to ask you all the questions as you go through the process. Now, Raven, you're putting the foundation together for your makeup process. [00:01:19.87] - But what a lot of people don't understand is you do a lot before I even touch your face. [00:01:24.70] RUPAUL: That's right. Before she starts to put the makeup on, what I will do is, obviously, I will shave. And I will put this rubbing alcohol over the areas where I'm gonna tape. So I'll put some rubbing alcohol here, here, right here, and right here, and actually sometimes up here. [00:01:42.19] Because sometimes I will put some double-stick tape up here to secure the wig even more, OK? So I put the rubbing alcohol, let that dry. Then I take this Walker Solution so that if I sweat the antiperspirant will make the adhesive to stay put. [00:02:02.14] RAVEN: All day. And once you're in full drag, you could go hiking in Alaska-- [00:02:07.37] RUPAUL: Yes. [00:02:07.57] RAVEN: --and be completely fine. [00:02:09.04] - Completely fine. I could go swimming, and nothing will move, OK? So then I will put the tapes down, don't I? Your beauty supply store will have the Mark Traynor Face Life Kit. So you peel off this adhesive part, and you put it to your face that has been prepared. [00:02:29.17] And then you take a little elastic strip, like a shoestring, and you tie it. And it literally lifts your face like that, right? But I don't pull the strings and tie them until after my makeup is done. So while Raven is doing my makeup, I just have the Mark Traynor things just stuck there. [00:02:44.77] Right there, right there, right here, and right here. Now, the one thing that she does that I don't do is she does-- she glues her brows. What's the secret to making the brows really flat? [00:02:56.44] - Now, what I do is I use a 91% isopropyl. [00:03:00.66] RUPAUL: What is that? [00:03:01.50] RAVEN: That dries the heck out of-- [00:03:03.88] RUPAUL: Is that alcohol? [00:03:04.81] RAVEN: Yes. Rub it in there-- [00:03:05.61] - To take the oil out. [00:03:07.05] RAVEN: To get the oil out. Then ...

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