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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul


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Raven paints her signature eye look with liner, shadows, and lashes. She shares tips for creating the perfect dramatic eye.

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Topics include: The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:12.51] - The eyes are everything. The eyes are the windows to the soul. And it's important for you to emphasize them, on every level, from the outside in, inside out. And decorating the eye, and understanding how important it is. Reshaping it. You can change the energy with how you shape the eyes, how you shape the brow. But I love shaving the brows, because I get to get all this space. Because you get to get all this space to put as much eyeshadow as my face could stand. [00:00:47.79] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:55.20] - People ask for tips all the time. The truth is, there are no shortcuts in life, kiddo. You gotta get in there. You gotta roll your sleeves up and make some mistakes. And you have to give yourself the time to practice, practice, practice. We've put a powder on the foundation. How do you decide what shape eye you're going to use? Do you always use the same shape eye? [00:01:17.85] RAVEN: Pretty much. [00:01:18.69] RUPAUL: For yourself? [00:01:19.38] RAVEN: Yes. If I do change it up, it's very, very subtle. I love liner, a cut crease that comes in and goes right into that nose. Sometimes I'll cut the crease from here and bring it up like that, or very round. It just depends on if I'm feeling a little more '50s, and then I would do it more like that. If I'm feeling a little more edgy, then darker in here. [00:01:43.96] - Describe the eye that you're doing right now. [00:01:47.02] RAVEN: This to me, I would say is a classic Raven eye, the eye that everyone's asked to see. How do you do that? How is that accomplished? And I always start with eyeliner first. [00:01:59.28] RUPAUL: You start with an eyeliner? [00:01:59.91] - I always do eyeliner first. I'm creating the shape that I ultimately want my eye to look. I bring mine out here. Now of course, we don't want to tuck it under the wig. So I like to bring it and stop, usually right about here. But I remember the first time I was using eyeliner, being very reserved with it. And just oh, that's it. Oh, girl, look at me. And I remember one night, trying to go a little bit further. And I messed up, and I needed to overcompensate for that. So I needed to do that over here. And then I needed to go over here. And then it ended up being my whole lid, which is where I now do my entire lid. My makeup now is a collection of mistakes that just, I said I'm going to keep that. I'm going to keep that. Oh, no, I'm going to keep that. [00:02:49.50] RUPAUL: Which do you prefer? An eyeliner that has a felt tip that has the eyeliner on it, or do you put water into a mousse or something, a paste? Which one do you do? [00:03:00.57] - I like the cake eyeliner, but mine is, you don't have to mix anything. You just dip in there and go. Now if it does dry out, you can add a little saline solution. [00:03:09.94] RUPAUL: Saline solution? [00:03:11.31] RAVEN: Anytime I'm going to use any sort of a liquid around the eye area, it's always saline. [00:03:16.71] RUPAUL: ...

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