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Owning the Room


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Introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between will benefit from RuPaul’s secrets to owning a room and projecting confidence on stage.

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Topics include: Meditation and Channeling · Introverts, Extroverts, and Those In Between


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:22.95] - The way to own a room is to walk in with your frequency. Walk in with all of your energy. You are a life force. You are an energetic phenomenon. Really. You know, your soul is made of stars. Stars shine. But most people will dim that shine because of for whatever reason, for a lot of times, really dumb reasons. And we all have those. [00:00:49.23] But when you clear a path, when you clear those things out, your frequency will not only guide you, but it will illuminate you. A lot of people don't want to be illuminated because they are afraid of the attention it brings. They're afraid of the sexual tension it could bring. [00:01:08.71] They're afraid of the judgment from other people, from other women, other men, you know, maybe because of the religion they grew up in where vanity is thought of as something bad, for whatever reason. But it is your life's work to shine. You were not born to fit in. You were born to stand out. Now, can you handle that? Can you handle that? It's the big question. [00:01:41.12] Something that you can do before you go on stage, before you go into a meeting, before you even leave the house-- know that you are perfect as you are. Something I do is when I go on stage, I imagined I'm going on stage in my mother's living room. And she's watching me. And she loved everything that I did, even though it was terrible. She would laugh. She was probably laughing at how ridiculous I looked, but she loved it. [00:02:10.55] So I play this trick on myself when I go onstage. I say, Ru, present, present-- act as if this is Mama's living room. And they're just-- that's all Mama out there. So I go out. And I'm like, hey. Hey. And it's fine. I'm not nervous. I'm, like, I can actually get into the moment. And I can find the moment because I don't have all the nervousness that's taking up so much space in my head where, like, what are they thinking? [00:02:36.98] What are they-- well, I'll tell you what they're thinking. Mama loves you. Mama loves you. You can do no wrong. What you're doing is imagining a situation where you are surrounded by ununconditional love, unconditional. And you are able to rise and be the star that you are. [00:02:58.55] In fact, when we are looking at the audition reels for "Drag Race," everyone does the exact same thing. No lie. Everyone does the exact same thing because they're thinking what does RuPaul want from me? What does RuPaul want from me? It's like, no, no, no. RuPaul wants what you are. [00:03:22.59] So the first time that someone on tape does something uniquely themself, I go, what, what was that? What? What are they doing? And I immediately go, oh, I want to see-- I want to see more of that. I wish everybody could know that. I wish everybody could know that and know that you are your own unique frequency that is a blessing. [00:03:46.55] Give yourself a break. If you're thinking, oh, my goodness, everyone's looking at me, it's like good. You're fa...

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RuPaul has transformed drag subculture into a mainstream phenomenon with devoted fans across the world. Now the Emmy-winning host, performer, and drag icon is sharing an intimate look at his personal journey to self-realization. From finding your inner truth to owning the room, RuPaul teaches you how to present your best self to the world. It’s your life’s work to shine—RuPaul shows you how.

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RuPaul teaches you how to find your inner truth to overcome hardship, gain confidence, and live your best life.

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