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Bronzer and Blush

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 24:02 min

These are Bobbi’s favorite products because they can make you look great when you’re not feeling your best. Bobbi applies bronzer and blush to three models and discusses the tools, techniques, and products used.

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Topics include: Bronzer and Blush for Light Skin · Bronzer and Blush for Medium Skin · Bronzer and Blush for Dark Skin


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:08.52] BOBBI BROWN: Bronzer and blush are great products. They're my favorites. I want to show you how to select and apply them properly for the days when you're just not feeling your best. [00:00:22.03] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:38.45] Bronzer 101. What I want to tell you about bronzer-- the reason I love bronzer so much is because it's everything. You could use it to look healthier, give yourself a healthy glow. You use it to even out your skin. You could use it on a neck that's a little whiter than the rest of your body. But I love bronzer because I think of it as a tint to the skin. [00:01:02.60] As a makeup artist, I'm in control of whoever I make up. And if they're not looking right, I usually grab the bronzer. Bronzer also works amazing for anyone's regular day-to-day makeup-- even without foundation is great. What you don't want in bronzer is to contour with it, because you don't need to contour. What you don't want in bronzer is to change the color of your face. You're enhancing, and you're adding a tint. [00:01:30.65] Use a wide brush. I like to use-- a little rounded-- a wide brush. And the way I choose the color is I pull it up to the face, and I could see right away that I need a little bit on her neck. So I'm going to use one that is going to just warm up Molly's neck. So it will literally blend everything together because everybody's lighter under their neck. And this one is a little bit of the browner color I'm using. And by the way, when you use any kind of powdered shadows or bronzers, you dip the brush in. You tap it. [00:02:16.51] [00:02:16.82] You blow to get it off. And that way, you don't make a mess on the skin. And also, look at what bronzers you're using. A ton of powder is not coming out. So I like to use bronzers that are pressed really well, because then, it's not all over. If you put your brush in, it's all over, it's not the greatest formula. And it just means whoever made it didn't press it enough. [00:02:41.97] So again, you could use this to even out the skin. You could use it as a tint to the face. You could use it if a forehead needs to match the nose. And I start where the sun naturally hits on the apple of the cheek. And the trick is, you apply it up, but you also go down. So the majority of the bronzer-- I'm using a heavier hand when I go right on Molly's cheeks. That's the heaviest press. And then I'm lightening up how hard I'm pressing. And I just gently put it over. [00:03:17.42] And what I'm doing is I'm blending it in so it's just almost like I'm giving her a retouching, which we all like. And what I also love about this is you can still see Molly's freckles. We're not covering them up. We're embracing. Them I love freckles. I know some makeup artists draw them in-- cute for a picture, not for real life. But Molly's freckles are great. [00:03:40.99] But then I can also use more than one color. You know, makeup artists should have a few different tone...

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