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Inside Bobbi’s Makeup Kit

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 7:14 min

Bobbi shares the essential items in her day bag, her evening bag, and her travel bag. You’ll learn how to simplify your makeup collection and carry only the essentials for different moments of your day and life.

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Topics include: Makeup Essentials: Daytime · Makeup Essentials: Nighttime · Makeup Essentials: Travel


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I would like to demystify your makeup kit. And how do you do that? First of all, you have to take your makeup kit, and you have to spill it out. Look at it. Anything that's broken, anything that smells bad, has to go first. Then you make sure that the colors are still good for you. That's how you start the process. I'm constantly doing my own. And my own makeup kit, I always have an envelope. And these things came out of my makeup kit. There's always a moisturizer. Lately, I've been using one with a little bit of shimmer in it because it just gives a nice sheen. I have that. I have not been wearing foundation, so I've been wearing a little bit of tinted balm. So that goes in my kit. And I do my makeup usually in the car, at my desk. So I don't even have these things in my drawer. This is one of the things I love. I've made my own palette. I've customized it. I basically took these shadows out of compacts. So I've got four shadows-- a light, a medium, two darks, and a blush. So all I need to go with that is a brush and an eye brush. And I have been using this like crazy because it's so small. And there's four things together. So that goes in my bag. Then, as far as my skin, I'm telling you, I'm really a minimalist. I do a pencil under my eyes. And I do one on spots. And that's pretty much it. If I have to be on camera, I will take the one that I cover my spots and do my whole face. I don't use a powder because my skin's dry. I absolutely use black mascara. And I also have a brown and a black pencil. And that's it. And the only thing I forgot is lips because guess what? I don't really wear lipstick that often. I wear a gloss. And usually, my gloss is light or lip color. But I kind of stopped wearing lipstick three years ago, maybe four years ago. There are a lot of great interesting things on the market to make your makeup more efficient. And I'm always looking for those things. So that's my day makeup. And by the way, this fits in my bag. My night makeup or your night makeup, a little bag-- and I don't usually bring an evening bag. I make this my evening bag. So my iPhone fits in it. I also always make sure I have a compact with a mirror. This one happens to have some shimmer in it. So I could use it with a brush on my cheek. I could use it on my eyes. But it's my mirror. I also make sure that I have some kind of a highlight for my cheek, either that or one that has a little bit of shine. And I could use this. I could also put this on my eyes because, in the evening, I've done my makeup. And this is just for me touching up. I also have something light glossy and sparkly. But not everyone likes light. So grab yourself something red. Try to make it longer wear. That goes in. But also in my bag, I've got one of these amazing little things that has toothpaste in them. Gets all the things out of your teeth. Even has a pick if you need it. And it does come in a package, so you...

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Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.

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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.

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