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Editorial Makeup

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 18:02 min

Bobbi shows you how to experiment with bold colors and not be afraid to make mistakes or take a look too far.

Bobbi Brown
Teaches Makeup and Beauty
Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.
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[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:07.19] - As a makeup artist, you have to be ready for anything. I'm known for the natural makeup. I'm known for the nude face. But what you might not know about me is my background is theatrical makeup. I studied makeup in college. I learned everything from how to make someone look old, to how to do character makeup, to monster makeup, to anything. [00:00:28.10] It's kind of interesting that I landed on this natural beautiful makeup that is really what I'm all about. But it's important to also know how to push yourself, how to try things, and know when to say, OK, I've gone too far. Let me take it off. [00:00:43.03] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:06.67] First thing is make sure that the skin is prepped. So Molly's freckles, love them. I wouldn't cover them up. I'm going to make sure that it looks like she's not wearing anything and possibly just a little bit of touching up to get rid of redness because there is still quite a bit of redness. So again, the concealer matters, especially in these kind of situations, because if you're going to do some really crazy makeup, you still need brightness under the eyes. And you need smooth skin. [00:01:57.83] And I'm going to start with just a few little things. I learned a lot about makeup from many different well-known makeup artists. One makeup artist particularly, Linda Mason, really taught me how to do crazy colors on the face. Another makeup artist Bonnie Miller taught me how to do the most natural outdoorsy makeup. And then my job was to figure out who I was. [00:02:33.58] I'm going to set with a little powder. Close for a sec. And as a creative-- as a visual person, I'm always in awe and love when I see things that are a little bit different but still cool and interesting. So for example, if I was to do a story about pinky powder and we wanted to do something that was just a little out there, I would kind of just start. And of course, as a makeup artist, you shouldn't wear black or navy. I got it. And the fun thing about makeup is how quickly you could change someone's face. I call this the pretty pink powder face. [00:04:15.97] And then you start to play. Since we're doing pinks, so I would have the photographer take this picture and then I would start adding. And when you work with different makeup, especially makeup that you haven't used before, you just never know the texture. [00:04:54.53] So I use a brush sometimes. Other times I go right over with my finger, because not everything is easy to blend. But I know that I want the density. Being a makeup artist means just figuring things out. It gets really boring if you know exactly what's working and what's not working. [00:05:22.27] So here's the next step. I think it looks-- please don't do this at home. If I see you're walking down the street like this, I will blend you, so do not try this, but it sure looks cool in a picture. [00:05:56.87] Another great thing when you're an artist and you're trying someth...

Be your own best makeup artist

Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I loved this and it improved my makeup skills majorly! She did such a great job teaching and repeating so I could understand.

Great tips that I was able to put to use immediately! Thank you Bobbi!

I loved this class. I learned more about make up and business and just being myself than I ever could. Thank you so much Bobbi Brown, a true inspiration!

Great insights on makeup and life from a woman who is a true leader and trailblazer for others!


A fellow student

"Bobbi shows you how to experiment with bold colors and not be afraid to MAKE MISTAKES or take a look TOO FAR." Sorry but that looks like a 3 year old got left alone with a painting kit. I love bold colors but that just looks sloppy.

laura R.

Does anybody else feel like the way she does makeup is super sloppy? Im no makeup expert but... idk it just doesn't feel right. It almost looks like there's no techniques and you're just meant to put whatever on whichever parts of your eyelids and call it a day

A fellow student

I felt like she really got in her element here! She and the model had some nonverbal communication going and everything. Nice peek into the world of professional makeup art.

A fellow student

Going out of one's comfort zone, try something different, it it doesn't work, fix it or remove it. Thank you micellar water. I am encouraged for costume events. Again, communicate and ask for feedback.

Sonny V.

Make up is not only for Dragqueens, Bobbi browns shows how to enhance your natural beauty without pretending been someone else. Love her!!

Andrea G.

I like how in this lesson she emphasizes communication, that's a very important skill we sometimes oversee, it is essential we know what a costumer wants and see it through his eyes. At the same time have fun with the challenge.

A fellow student

I love how she makes it look so easy and effortless, but the models look amazing. Her tips have really helped me!

A fellow student

I'm disappointed that some people are being so critical of these lessons because she's not doing what you expected - isn't that the point of a lesson? In this video, she is teaching that it's okay to experiment and try new things with makeup for photography. Her incredibly successful career speaks for itself - not sure why people who paid money to take a class from her are acting like they know better.

A fellow student

I like that they added this lesson because make isn’t just something you wear everyday or on occasion. It is also art and it is used to make a statement, specially for runways, editorials, campaigns... Very important skills for the aspiring make up artist. Good job guys.

Rachael C.

Are we being punked with this video? She's done like 3 eye looks in all the videos - one very boring 2 color basic, one simple take on a smokey eye, and then this clowny unblended mess. What a disappointing set of videos. You can learn more from your average amateur YouTube tutorial.