Color and Makeup

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 8:38 min

Color is critical: It can make a statement and reveal your individuality. Bobbi discusses how color and style are key to self-expression and how undertones can help you find the right colors. She also clears up a misconception about nude makeup.

Bobbi Brown
Teaches Makeup and Beauty
Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.
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Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Bobbi Brown shared great techniques! I also love her philosophy that makeup isn't about covering up or changing you, but bringing out the best you!

I really enjoyed seeing all of the colors and techniques--thank you, Bobbie!

I enjoyed the way Bobbi Brown presented the material in a casual, friendly straightforward manner that was easy to understand. I'm excited about trying some new things and perfecting my look.

I am excited to apply all the practical information she taught. I really respect her hard work and solid life advice.


A fellow student

And just because it's trendy at the moment doesn't mean you have to wear it.

Libby G.

Still not finding my work book. Especially helpfully for Bobbi Brown’s lessons.

Denisse G.

Enjoying so far, it is a little frustrating when you see makeup on Instagram and think who would really ask you for some really heavy makeup like that... but sometimes to be out there with social media you have to try ..

Karima A.

We don’t see this makeup in real life it’s simple and elegant ,Thanks for coming back for a soft and simple makeup

A fellow student

Love it - the simple of being confident in your own skin, use make to enhance not correct.

Cherie H.

It’s very generic and I could have read this in a book For the rate I paid - not impressed so far Let’s see how the rest goes