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Using Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 5:04 min

When you don’t need a full face of foundation, you can use a tinted moisturizer instead. Demonstrating on a medium skin tone, Bobbi applies tinted moisturizer and shows how you can then use your foundation and concealer for touch-ups, creating a spotless look with a healthy glow.

Bobbi Brown
Teaches Makeup and Beauty
Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - I love tinted moisturizers because it's a moisturizer and a foundation in one. It's so easy. You just have to get the right color. So you don't have to prep your skin, which is great. A lot of tinted moisturizers come in tubes. Some come in jars. And you could apply it with your fingers, with a brush. And you just literally put it on as if you're putting moisturizer on. You could also make your own tinted moisturizer with a foundation and a moisturizer. And it will give a little bit of a healthy glow. And there are many women out there, myself included, that don't really like foundation. I don't like the feeling of it on my skin. I don't think it makes my skin look better when it's noticeable. But a pencil or a tinted moisturizer on me is my favorite. I use a lot of the sticks more for set work and for people that like more coverage. And I literally put it on first and decide where you need to fix any kind of discoloration or spots. Going to put a little bit on her forehead. And Anna definitely has a little bit of sun. So it's very normal for foreheads to be darker. And how do you know when it looks good? When your skin has a glow, and it just looks even and beautiful. I'm going to be using a concealer under the eyes because she doesn't need a lot, but a little bit really makes a difference on everybody. So I'm using the complexion sticks to really just correct things. So there is-- if there's any kind of brown spots. Again, this is the same color as her skin. You just apply it to the brown spot and gently blend it in. Any kind of discoloration, you could use it to lighten. And then I'm going with a lighter color under her eyes. So that one is actually a little too light. So I'm going to go with one that has-- yeah, this one is better. And this has a little bit of warmth, so it blends in with her skin. But see the difference one side to the other? And you don't need a lot. So I'm applying it under the eyes where it's a little dark. And if there's any kind of purplish, or some women get black under their eyes, this tone, which is kind of peachy, will really just take care of it and get rid of it. And when applying it, you have to make sure that you're tapping it and not wiping it because if you wipe it, it will be away. And if you are someone that's dark in the inner corners-- Anna is not-- but you just go in the inside to lighten up. I didn't use moisturizer on her because she had a tinted moisturizer, which is all-in-one. And she also has really, really good hydrated skin. So I knew that I could use the stick without an eye cream. And if you ever use an eye cream and then a stick, and it kind of slides off, it's too much eye cream. If your mascara gets all over your face, and you think you're someone that can't wear mascara, I guarantee it's because you have too much eye cream or too greasy of a concealer. And what I love about Anna's look is she's so unique and so cool and so pretty-- I knew she was...

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Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have been a fan of Boob Brown cosmetics for many years. Listening to this series has provided me with ideas and techniques to use as I grow older.

Bobbi encouraged me to be the person who I want to be in my future journey.Thanks to Masterclass' Team,people who worked in the background and Bobbi Brown .

I loved it! I´m inspired so so good Masterclass

Really enjoyed Bobbi's teaching. I learned quite a few tricks from her.



The history of make-up was a relevant point in determining and explaining the basics and her philosophy on make-up. I was glad she addressed different skintones and the importance of undertones. Bobbi's approach will carry you from day to night and having you put your best face forward

Lisa T.

The lighting is bad, the makeup doesn't look blended and patchy on all models.

A fellow student

I never understood tinted moisturizers. Bobbi, thank you for the explanation.

Silvia L. G.

Very well explained. But I would rather use models with notisable imperfections in order to appreciate the actual changes. Aside from that Bobbie is amazing.

A fellow student

LOVE Bobbi, her products, and her philosophy that everyone is beautiful! I've never felt confident in my makeup applications and this did give me some insight on what to focus on when buying products and applying. I also like the idea of "less is more"...I'm in my 40's and often get overwhelmed seeing videos of current trends in makeup applications. Bobbi has a classic look that never goes out of style!

A fellow student

It would be very helpful if she used models that actually have skin issues like acne, dry patches, sun spots. It's easy to wear a makeup no makeup look when you have zero skin issues.

A fellow student

I am a make up fanatic and love the natural look and found this to be a huge let down. All of the episodes were a variation on a few things, namely how she doesn't like foundation and she does her makeup in the car. This is literally a make-up 101 for someone who has never ever used make-up. Also, as others mentioned, what products is she using? I realise there may be legal reasons she cannot say a brand, but also leaves the viewer out in the cold.


As someone who loves makeup and has watched hundreds of makeup tutorials. I am finding the Bobbi Brown masterclass a bit disappointing. The tinted moisturizer tutorial gives no explanation on what colours would work best on certain skin tones. There is no mention of product used and names of products. It would be helpful if she had different models one with fair skin tone , one with medium and one with dark and how to choose what colour works best with each. When we purchase a tinted moisturizer it basically says how to apply on the box or we ask the makeup consultant at the store. All this tutorial shows is her applying the moisturizer . I feel like the fact that I am paying money for her expertise, it should have much more in depth information. I have seen the most basic tutorials on line that I didn't have to pay for and received more out of. Thank you kindly

A fellow student

What brand and color is Bobbi's nailpolish? Also, can anyone advise what brand are these complexion sticks?

Marc C.

I found the video had some color correction issue... The before and after picture at the end look better, but the before picture does look more red/orange which is also reflect in the lips color, so it mean they both didn't had the same color processing in post... This is not great when actually trying to see actual an actual difference of before and after and you cheat it wish color correction in post processing ! But I think the whole video had bad color correction applied to it. Only the After picture got corrected to look good.