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Skincare Essentials

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 13:26 min

Bobbi breaks down today’s skincare products, from makeup removers to moisturizers, and explains which products are essential for healthy skin.

Bobbi Brown
Teaches Makeup and Beauty
Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - The first step in skin care is understanding what your skin needs when you're looking in the mirror. Sometimes we're drier than others, sometimes oily, and sometimes we're just really tired. So I recommend figuring out what moisturizer works at night and what works under makeup-- big difference. So at night, you could certainly put more on. And it almost works as an overnight intensive mask if you have dry skin. And I love to find the densest, thickest cream I could find. I put it on my face at night, and if I'm really dehydrated, then in the morning, I look amazing. I also use often face oil. And if you're at home saying, face oil, why would I put oil on my face? Just know that most moisturizers are oil and water mix together. So when my skin's dry, I go right to the face oil. I have been known to use olive oil in a pinch or any kind of oil that's around. But a face oil could be almond oil. It could be apricot kernel oil. It could be vitamin E oil, grape seed oil. So most of those oils are great for your skin. If you are oilier, there are lotions on the market that are oil-free. And people would say, why would I need a lotion? Because if your skin is oily, you don't want oil that's necessarily going to make it oilier. But if you use a lotion that's oil-free, it'll hydrate you. Because you could be oily skin and not hydrated. And honestly, when you're hydrated, your skin looks great. There's also gel creams, which are oil free, which are great and good under makeup. There's regular lotions that have more oil to them. So that's good for medium skin. Some of the moisturizers are better for under makeup than others, depending on your skin type. Someone with really dry skin, by the way, could use a really rich moisturizer, and then put makeup on top. But the trick is to not use a lot. Because what you don't want is to put a rich moisturizer on, then put makeup, and realize you're all shiny, and then put powder on top. You've kind of defeated the whole thing. So, if when you just use the makeup, it looks dry and cakey, you need some moisturizer. If you've used lotion, and it's not enough, then you've got to go to the next step and use the moisturizer. And the trick is, just to a little bit. You can always add more. There's way more problems when you have to take away the shininess from moisturizer on your face. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can't talk about skin and skin care without probably the most important anti-aging product there is. Aha, now I got your attention-- sunscreen. You have to wear sunscreen. Yes, you need a little vitamin D for health, but you have to wear sunscreen. Because it's harmful to you. It's not good. And my advice is, when looking for a sunscreen, make sure it's not white-coated. Because then your makeup is not going to work well. So there are some sunscreens on the market that don't have the white cast, and I would certainly suggest that for your everyday makeup. And even i...

Be your own best makeup artist

Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fabulous, practical, advice for business & makeup!

MasterClass is showing how to gain knowledge from different areas and apply them to my own. I am very happy with these lessons!

I really enjoyed this class. While it covers some very everyday things, I started utilizing the information after only the first few lessons. I know I'll be watching it again to keep improving basic skills and experimenting.

LOVE! As a new makeup artist, this really helped fill in some knowledge gaps -- there was so much that I needed to hear in this! 10/10!


A fellow student

I would like to hear more about people with oily skin and hair. I am 60 and recently broke out. Clearasil. Yes. I use Clearasil.


I am interested in knowing more about applying sunscreen and would love a follow up skincare only class on masterclass. I just realized some of my skin issues are because of the products I use. Everybody can't use everything especially if it is highly perfumed.

A fellow student

Another lesson packed full of tips. I will have to watch it again. Reassuring to hear how our skin changes with age, weather, health, etc. Now I don't feel so guilty about having a variety of moisturizers in the drawer and about telling myself that one doesn't work even if the representative guided me toward it. I am the ultimate judge. What works for me. Thanks for saying sun screen goes on first, not white, ears too. Now I can try using lip balm even around my nose. Good to hear about the makeup pads to remove makeup. Have steered clear, but now I can be open. I have a jar of coconut oil sitting on the shelf. Now I have new options on how to use it. Yea, mycellar water. So easy and useful. Glad to hear validation from you.


Thank you for great make up lessons. But there are several of your skincare advice that I do not agree with. Wipes do not cleanse the skin properly, they just move dirt and bacteria around on the skin. The fact that one should then only consider them to have a great fragrance is not good for the skin at all - fragrance/parfum is only an irritant and does nothing for the skin in form of skincare. Foaming and soapy cleansers for oily skins are not good. Oily/combination skins usually suffer from acne, and the irony is that foaming cleansers are often marketed to these skins. But in fact, to get foam you need to use a surfactant – and a surfactant in general can push your skin into the alkaline ph. Bacteria prefers an alkaline skin - therefore it can actually make the skin worse. When exfoliating the skin one should use an AHA or a BHA and not a mechanical tool like a brush or harsh cleansers with grains in them. Mechanically rubbing skin like that is way too harsh and can ultimately end up damaging and aging the skin. I do agree with the SPF advice, this is the most important step. But it is important to put on serums and moisturising creams before the SPF. The SPF is your shield from the sun as has to be the last thing that goes on the skin (but make up can still go on top of the SPF).

Paul C.

Fantastic. It was very useful for us. We make video and photo, and it's important for us to understand MUA.


Too complicated/confusing for me. I was hoping to know how to apply makeup but all I get is "this could work and then this also could work". She shows unmarked pots and tubes for every possible function. She says that she wants to keep makeup simple but each of the steps (eyes, lips, makeup) have at least 4 or more ingredients, between the products and the brushes/cotton swabs and so on to apply it. Definitely not for somebody looking to understand and apply makeup better.


Bobbi Brown really dives into the essence of makeup and beauty instead of skimming the surface of brand and marketing stereotype, appreciate her classes so much, definitely will write down the important notes.


Does one need to apply a moisturizer right before make up, if they already applied one in the morning? - If so, then as a make up base, should it be the same products/density as in the morning?

Lola Y.

I just used all your tips and my makeup looks amazing. I was looking for a natural finish and I got the best result. Taste is different but I can't see any more cake and clown face makeup with over bronzed skin, definitely not for me. Thank you so much.

Elle S.

Loved this! I agree with Bobbi's perspective and I learned a lot. Plus, it seems like Bobbi is a genuinely kind person. Thank you!