Skincare Essentials

Bobbi Brown

Lesson time 13:26 min

Bobbi breaks down today’s skincare products, from makeup removers to moisturizers, and explains which products are essential for healthy skin.

Bobbi Brown
Teaches Makeup and Beauty
Bobbi Brown teaches you the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.
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Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is that makeup should be quick and natural, and it should enhance who you are. A beauty industry icon, Bobbi shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials, using models with a range of skin tones. You’ll learn how to choose the right foundation, do a smoky eye and a statement lip, and take your look from day to night. But most of all, you’ll learn how to feel confident in your own skin.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I'm excited to learn how to use concealers better to color match and cover up dark circles. And also use more blush & bronzer!

I had started a while ago with under eye concealer but now have bought more Bobbi Brown products

I loved learning Bobbi’s simple makeup philosophy. After watching all the lessons I attempted a smokey eye for the first time using her techniques.

Bobbi helped me have a better appreciation for makeup. It's always been love/hate for me.



Do you need to rinse or wash the face after removing makeup with micellar water?

Lynn M.

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but HOW do I find the lessons/workbooks for the videos??

Rocio T.

OK finally a class I enjoyed from Bobbi. I'm one of those lucky ones that I never needed much for a skin care. For many, many years I only used soap and water, and I mean whatever soap, in my 40's coconut oil at night and always had compliments! Now that i am 50 I began using skin care. Mind you, I always used make up (especially in the 80's) but never really cared for night creams or sunscreen. I found a line from the Amazon forest, Brazil, made only with natural herbs and nuts. I only use them at night because again in the morning, water and soap and run out of the house. They have natural sunscreen with the herbs concoction, and my skin absorbs them like a thirsty horse in the desert. They have totally changed my skin and now I have everybody around me asking what my secret is. I have taken 2 years break from make-up, so far, and I love what I see in the mirror. :-)

Nicole E.

Dermatologists tend to suggest avoiding olive oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer.

A fellow student

The skincare routine that I grew up with starts from Facial Cleanser(one for morning, one for evening), Facial Toner, Eye cream, Serum, Neck cream, last one is face cream. I use this routine twice a day. After morning skincare, I put the sunscreen after the face cream. Sunscreen is the very last step for my skincare. Then apply the foundation-finish powder-brows-eye make up-blush- highlighter. I know! It has millions layers on my skin already. Thanks to my parents, my skin has no any problems just a little big pores around nose, and it gets many compliments. In other words, my skin is doing well with this routine for years. Oh plus, I would never go to bed until I finish the skincare routine at night. I enjoy it! What about you?

Danielle G.

If anyone is wondering what the oil free moisturizer bottle is that is wrapped in white tape in this video, it looks like the "CeraVe, PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion” I’ve been using for years. I’m not sure if any other product comes in that bottle shape, but it’s definitely the same bottle shape as this product, which is in fact oil free. It's a regular drug store product in the United States, so it’s not crazy expensive. It’s the only moisturizer for which I like the way it feels and looks on my face.


This is an amazing woman. It is wonderful to hear her say that we should take a break from makeup to get used to how you look. Also wonderful that she says that foundation is optional and only for evening out skin tone. Thank you for a no-nonsense message of confidence.


Bobbi didn't mention serum as a skincare option. Does that mean she doesn't recommend it?


I wish she would have made product recommendations vs. generalizations of products.


She applies an oil stick over her foundation during the day for dry skin? Did I hear that correctly?