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Bonus Material: Online Play

Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 5:48 min

Daniel analyzes the fundamental differences between online and live poker, and shares advice on how to avoid hurting your earn rate.

Daniel Negreanu
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Join Daniel at the poker table. Learn his strategies to advance your cash, tournament, and online play.
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So online poker is still poker, but there's obviously some differences. You know, one of the things you'll see is, if you're, you know, a cash game player who plays live, you might be in situations where you're playing as deep as 500 or 1000 blinds. Well, online, it's pretty uniform, where you're going to be playing 100 big blind stacks. A little more shallow. The games, typically, online are going to be a little more game theory oriented. You're not going to be able to, like, see people and get a read on them. In addition to that, you know, it's going to be a lot more aggressive and conservative. Like, people typically play a tighter, aggressive game. Live games lend themselves a little bit more to a sort of casual atmosphere, but online, it's often, you know, all about the numbers and focusing on game theory. One of the things about online poker that's really convenient is the fact that, you know, you can play multiple tables. The hands go really, really fast. So, you know, boredom doesn't set in quite as much, which lends itself to, like, people saying, you know what? Marginal hand. I'll just fold. Whereas if you're sitting at a live table, sometimes a guy doesn't get a hand to play for an hour. He's bored, and he sees queen nine, and he thinks, you know what? It's worth a shot. That doesn't happen as often online simply because of the speed of play. You're going to see a lot more hands in an hour playing online than you would playing live, especially if you're multi-tabling. Obviously, online poker, there's not as much you can see in terms of getting reads, but there's plenty of things you can look for. One of those things might be timing tells. So in a situation, if you notice that a player, you know, normally takes 10 to 12 seconds to act and all of a sudden act instantly, well, you can bank that away and look for tendencies there. Maybe he's acted innocently, because he's so confident and sure of his hand that he's likely to have a stronger hand. Now, that's not always true. Some players may bluff more often when they bet really quickly. Your job is to sort of file that away. And you can take notes. One of the great things about online poker is you can even color code. You know, you play a hand against the guy, you write in there, called with queen nine offsuit, and then the next time you play with that player, you have that data available to you. One of the great things about online poker as well is you can check hand histories. You know, you can look back at past hands. You can use it as a tool not only to improve your game, but also to pick up on tendencies on your opponents. There's very software available that can help you sort of track, if you will, the tendencies of your opponents. You can figure out, OK, well, when this guy is on the button, he raises 80% of the time. And that's valuable information for you to understand when you play against that player in the future. You have a better idea of what his ran...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Awesome class I have had immediate hand reading improvement at my local game!! Cheers Dan N

the masterclass have definitely HELP ME understands the fundamentals and the foundations of the start of becoming a successful poker player and I am grateful to get this General approach and with my own work looking to crush it at the tables thank you Daniel negreanu hands down the best money I spent all year for something that I've been wanting to learn how to do

Great way to get into the game. Simple concepts and clear examples from Daniel.

I've recently quit my cop job, and when I get home from my deployment (reservist) I am making the leap to play professionally. Incredible Information



Daniel is a very good teacher. This class taught me much of the poker technical game theory, yet also validated some aspects of my existing game. Great class!

Josh J.

Great class. Thanks Daniel. You are an excellent teacher. This is definitely one of the better Master classes I have taken.


Daniel is not only a professional poker player, but is an exceptional teacher. He has an engaging personality, and breaks the game down in a very intelligible and insightful way. He sprinkles in anecdotes and situations from his career to illustrate concepts, and draws you into the game. I highly recommend this class for players of all skill levels.

Steve L.

Not savvy enough to play on line except for free. Don't know the mechanics. Also to many interruptions at home. Course is great with resources given in pdf's for continuing improving my game. Daniel is a gentleman. It would great to meet him in person, but dreadful to seat across from him at a poker table (scary when I see him get his opponents to lay down the best hand, or beating Phil Hellmuth with weak hole cards putting Phil on tilt). Best course I've taken so far (Steve Martin was the second best).

Steve W.

Just completed the first time thru, liked all the lessons. Will have to go the most of them many times again Looking forward to doing so.

A fellow student

Throughly enjoyed this! Learned many principles applicable to a lot things not poker. This should be required viewing at every university! :)

Cameron S.

Daniel thank you so very much. Poker has always been an interest for me but a big family has always kept me from perfecting the craft. I am a single dad whos little three childrens mother passed away in 2011. Now that my kids are a little bigger i have found time to focus on myself. This class has opened up so many opportunities for me to just enjoy life again. Thank you... Ron Smith

Kara P.

Daniel, Thank you for a great class I really enjoyed learning from the best in poker. Now I just need you in person coaching I love when successful people give back to help the new ones who are learning and growing! I'm also a golfer...the best combo in life, Poker and Golf!! LOL. Hope to be sitting across from you one day, hehe!! XO

Donna H.

I loved this class. I would like to see more. Where do we go from here? I would love to get deeper into the numbers and strategies. for example; if I am going into a fast past tournament with 200 players and the tournament is usually over in 5 hours. What should my strategy be? Should I be a bit more loose. or should I be a complete TAG? I usually play cash games to warm up for the tournament but, I am not sure if that strategy is best. I think we definitely got our money's worth. I wish there were a next level. Thanks for everything! Much love!

Paul L.

I learned so much about my self in this course not on purpose but I gave zero stars I meant to put five stars Just playing position alone has transformed my table image there was allot of moments where I learned something new I've played cards since high school and I'm 43 today I played so weak I learned limping in Playing premium hands and my opponents Know what I had I'm a new guy I'll double barrel then triple barrel them if I have to I'll play where I played my games changed my thought process has been changed by this course learning math for fold frequency is always good to know I learned so much to add to my thirty years of playing poker The meta game wet boards vs dry boards playing a players range It's whole new view It's not like he's making me change my game entirely But he added many weapons No my game is changed no doubt learning table image I used to be seen as so weak I know I'd always lose live I could go on and on But in short don't take the class cause I don't want you to know this much about poker I'd like to keep it to my self The lesson should be called weapons to strengthen your game. I had an awesome experience If you see Paul Love on tv don't be surprised