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Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 03:06 min

Daniel shares lessons learned from his most challenging experiences and the best piece of advice he’s ever received, then encourages you to start training.

Daniel Negreanu
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Join Daniel at the poker table. Learn his strategies to advance your cash, tournament, and online play.
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Without a doubt, my most challenging experience in poker was really at the outset. You know, in Toronto, I was a big fish in a little pond, and I was able to pound people into submission, and I was a bull in a china shop. I took that sort of mentality to Las Vegas, and I was the hometown hero that went home with his tail between his legs. And I'd go back home and rebuild, and come back to Las Vegas, get spanked again, get beaten up. And there was many nights where I walked home from the Mirage rather than spend the $5 on a cab-- because I didn't exactly have it-- to the Budget Suites, which was basically like a motel I was staying at, and really kind of getting deeper, and to saying to myself, like, what am I really going to do with my life? Am I going to be able to make it? How many times can I fail before I succeed? What is it going to take? And all those moments, those weak moments, or those moments where I was in a breakdown, led to me having major breakthroughs in terms of what was going to take for me to be successful. And I'm thankful for every mistake I've made, because I see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. So my definition of success is probably a lot different than you may expect. I think of success from the perspective of integrity. And what I mean by that is, for me, success is living a life where what I say I'm going to do, I actually do. So if I say that I'm going to be on time, I'm there on time. If I say that I'm going to not drink before a tournament, and not be social, and get eight hours of sleep, and I do that, that's success. If I say that I'm going to put in the hard work, and learn how to play the game better, and do that, that's success. That allows me to live a life where I'm less focused on the results, and I let the results come on the back of my hard work. So I don't necessarily focus on specific titles or amounts of money that I need to have in order for me to feel like I have a successful life. For me, what's most important is living in integrity, and being my word to others and myself. It has been an absolute pleasure creating this course for you guys. And I want to thank you for tuning in and taking in all the concepts. I know sometimes it may be intimidating, but I'm just thankful that I had the opportunity to share a game that I love. And I hope that the better prepared you are to play this game at a high level, the more you enjoy it as well.

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic. Daniel is a natural educator. I'd sign up for anything he wanted to teach and I mean anything!

Just watched Daniel's Master Class and have taken some preliminary notes to help improve my game already. I've opened a ledger book and note books to track my play and am looking forward to viewing the class many many more times to make more notes and more improvements. Great class Daniel and I'll see you July 4!

Put it this way, there is a great deal i do not know. Daniel is too funny, comedy and poker from the experts, humm I'm all in baby

In the first run through all of these things have been helpful. As I go back through I think the early sessions on position and hand range will be most beneficial at the outset.


Michael L.

I loved the whole course by Daniel. I have played poker for many years at casinos enjoying the game and wanting to up the level of my game. Taking this course has clearly given me tools to refocus on playing at a more efficient and higher level. I met Daniel at Club one in Fresno California, he is my hero for knowing how to play the game with integrity and with balance in life. Thank you!

Carl P.

For less than the cost of a single tournament entry Daniel Negreanu's Masterclass has easily increased my cashes by 50%. Thank you for that!

Wayne H.

I appreciate you putting this Master Class together. I have been a fan for a long time, and enjoy the vlogs but this was amazing. I am a recreational player who at times played part time and while I am confident, I felt I needed to learn more. This has given me that and the ability to grow as a poker player ! I watch this many times, especially as a refresher before tournaments. Thank you Daniel!

Gene P.

This lesson was so helpful. It pointed out mistakes in my game and I have improved so much . Thank you !!

Aaron S.

Daniel, Your class has been absolutely amazing! I want to watch every thing over again too. And really set a reminder into myself. You brought up such great detail and some really specific stories that i was totally able to relate too! It made so much sense now. I thank you for this class. Thank you Daniel.

A fellow student

I’ve watched your MasterClass twice. If you trust in your own teaching, give me 200, and I’ll give you back the 200 plus half of what I earn.

eric W.

Daniel, Thank you for so much incite and lessons. I recently final tabled a wsop deep stack tournament and have to give credit where credit is due. While having this course pay for itself is wonderful, the life lesson of how to control tilt significantly better is priceless. Again thank you!

Dennis M.

Daniel, I just want to thank you for everything you put together here! Since I have taken this Masterclass I have entered 6 tournaments and I have Final Tabled 5 out of the 6! Amazing class and I support all your views as well! PS Vegan lifestyle! Thank you and everyone who wants to take poker seriously should get this class!

Cindy W.

Daniel, thank you so much for this class! It has changed many ways I think about poker, reaffirmed many ways I wondered about the game. I will be watching this class many more times and I know I'll learn something different each time.

A fellow student

Daniel made it look effortless, but I am sure he put a lot of hard work, thought and effort into preparing this class. And it paid off. It was the most amazing class ever. Thank you Daniel.