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Mixed Strategy: Hand Review

Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 04:54 min

Using footage from a hand between three-time WSOP winner Antonio Esfandiari and pro player Tony G, Daniel demonstrates how a mixed strategy could have saved one poker legend a lot of money.

Daniel Negreanu
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So we're going to take a look at a real-life example between two of the more famous players in poker, Antonio Esfandiari and Tony G. ANNOUNCER 1: Ace, jack for Antonio, who raises. King, deuce for Tony G. Calls. Ike folds. - I'll take one. ANNOUNCER 1: Mercier's out. - Take one. ANNOUNCER 1: So two to the flop. ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, I'm glad the hole cams are back. I felt like Alex Trebek when he's not on the set of "Jeopardy." ANNOUNCER 1: The answer is five, deuce, nine. The question is what is the flop? ANNOUNCER 2: We'll see if Antonio continues here. ANNOUNCER 1: He does, betting $3,200. Tony G, with bottom pair, calls. ANNOUNCER 2: Pretty rare to see Tony fold any pair on the flop. ANNOUNCER 1: The turn, the three of clubs. ANNOUNCER 2: And he's right not to. He's still got the best hand. Antonio's picked up a gutshot. ANNOUNCER 1: And checks. ANNOUNCER 2: That three isn't exactly a scary card for Tony, even though it is an overcard, technically. ANNOUNCER 1: Tony bets $7,000. ANNOUNCER 2: Looks like Antonio might think Tony's got air-- and he's not that far off. ANNOUNCER 1: Esfandiari calls. Board pairs on the river. Antonio checks. ANNOUNCER 2: Tony's trying to decide if he'd ever get called by a worse hand if he bets his pair of deuces. ANNOUNCER 1: Tony checks and wins. - No, I should have bet. Ah! - I was calling you too. You should have bet. - I know, I know, I know. I'm not in the zone. I know you're calling. It's so sick. - Now, this is from the big game. And this hand-- what you're going to see happen here is Antonio raises it up with ace, jack-- pretty standard, next to the button. Tony G, a little loosey-goosey, but we know that's Tony G. He likes to play a lot of hands, especially in position. And he calls with the king, deuce of diamonds. #Don'tTryThisAtHome. So he does. Now the flop comes, nine, five, deuce. And Antonio's in a situation where he decides to continuation bet. He does a C-bet. Now, the question is, how often should he be doing this, and what factors should he be thinking about in this type of situation? Well, it is a pretty dry board, right? He will have the best hand a decent amount of the time. Problem is, who is his opponent here? His opponent we know to be a very sticky player. He plays a lot of hands pre-flop. He hits a lot of boards, and he also even sometimes when he doesn't hit boards, he still calls to try to take the pots away later with position and just the bluff on the turn. So it's very important here that Antonio does choose to bet-- and that's OK as long as you're doing it some of the time, right? You want to be betting sometimes, you also want to be checking as well, especially against a player like Tony. Now the turn card comes, and it's a three. And Antonio realizes now, OK, well, the jig is up. I'm just going to check because Tony G's wild, and I don't have anything and I'm go...

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I bought this class to learn 'the basics' and although it was initially a little more advanced than I had expected I was able to use the included reference material to help catch me up. I fully expect to come back to this course and reference some of the videos as I continue to learn.

I think the content that is there is great. I feel like video examples and maybe simulations with other just extras would be more helpful and great.

An amazing class that, as a kid, I can say is the best source of poker training I have ever gotten. Covers everything i need and has really elavated my game!

I really enjoyed Daniel's analysis of how he plays poker and especially enjoyed the videos of him showing examples of what he was talking about.


A fellow student

In a situation where you are not playing opponents often enough to really develop patterns, what is the more optimal approach to post flop play in a variety of situations but certainly here with AJ, 952 on flop?

Jason L.

Suppose Antonio would have pulled a check-raise against Tony G, I am curious how that would have played out. I would imagine since Tony G was not sure with the underpair that he would have called even though he had the better hand.

Dave S.


Rolando C.

Its been 4 month and still no new lessons under Daniel Negeanu Class. I aid for a year subspcriprion, I would like my money back Please.

Beta C.

What a let down. This is BS. Not even the first 7 sessions, but random bs. Ugh. Money back, please!

Patrick F.

You can complain, my point is why rush and not get it right. Then you would be unhappy they didnt gety it right and complain some more. What is your hurry? are you getting ready for the WSOP? I will give you this it is the first masterclass ever to do it this way.

Mike K.

It's OK not to have all the lessons available from the get go but to have such random ones available makes a bit of a nonsense of a course. Surely a course should be designed to lead a student gently through with some logic behind it. If this is the way Masterclass works in general I won't follow any other classes. I think they've shot themselves in the foot operating in this way and this will do more harm than good in the longrun. Really badly thought through

Mike R.

When you discuss that Antonio shouldn't always be c-betting here and mention he should sometimes check, it would be good to provide scenarios on what to do if Tony bets (and perhaps depending on how much he bets). i.e. check-fold, check-call, check-raise? It's not super valuable to say "sometimes check" and that's it. Otherwise, good info thanks.

A fellow student

now once Antonio placed a C-bet when he checked and tony bet wouldn't it have been better for Antonio to raise and push Tony off a low pair? especially since Antonio raised pre flop

andrei B.

yes only a few chapters a the moment..a bit disappointed at least they could put the chapters in order at least :((