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Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 9:09 min

Three-betting is more prevalent now than ever. Daniel teaches you how to defend against it and how to use it in your own game without becoming predictable.

Daniel Negreanu
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One of the weapons that's a lot more prevalent today and in use than it was when I started playing poker is the three-bet. And essentially, what that means is the reraise. The initial reason that three-betting as a weapon became very, very profitable-- well, first of all, it wasn't being done very much in the old days. And when people did it, they did it with aces or kings or queens. So they became very, very readable. And it was very clear that they had a strong hand. So in knowing that, people would fold a lot. So people were folding way too often against three-bets. So the more aggressive players realized that they can win a lot of pots with anything-- with seven deuce, with six, four off suit-- if they three-bet because their opponents were folding too often. There was most definitely a turning point in poker right around 2010 and 2011. Everyone got wind of this. Wow, if I just reraise and reraise, people fold too much. So then it became sort of a, you know, match of, like, I'm going to three-bet you. Oh, yeah? Well, I'll four-bet you. Oh, yeah? Well, I'll five-bet you. OK. Well, six bets. And you'd see the hands that they'd have. And it'd be, like, ace, six off suit and king eight, you know? So people-- it was more of, like, an ego contest. And the truth is most of those players either learned that they need to come back to, like, Earth and a little more normal, or they stopped playing because that's not a strategy long-term that can be successful in today's metagame. Who knows? Maybe in 10 years from now, we'll be talking about doing the six-, seven-bet thing. But I don't see it happening. How do you deal with getting three-bet? We've already touched on it's important if you're going to play that you should be raising if you're first in. OK. Since you're going to be doing that, you're going to have a lot more players who are going to start reraising you. And the first thing to think about when you're reraised by a player is what type of player are you up against. Is this a player who three-bets literally and is very aggressive? If so, then his range is going to be quite wide, or is this more of an old-school player who's going have a very tight three-betting range? And then against that hand, you want to fold more often. So against the more liberal three-better, maybe you're going to throw in another four-bet and push him back around. And against the tighter player, maybe you let him get away with it because you know he's not three-betting enough. So you can afford getting away with even a hand as strong as ace, queen. You raise with that. A tight player reraises you. You can just fold the ace, queen and feel good about it. That same ace, queen against a wild guy-- that might be a hand you four-bet with. OK. So the first thing we focus on is the player tendencies. The second thing you want to think about is position. OK. You should be calling far more often when you are in position versus out of position. Now,...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Access to the mind of a master is pricelss. THAT is the value of these courses. I learned quite a bit from this class. The visual aspect of the training is in some ways superior to book learning in that it adds that extra level of impactful information that you need to go over the top. Well done Daniel.

The class has been really rewarding, learned a lot of things that would have taken me years to learn at the table.

very nice explanation about the possibiliies.

I was always good at poker, I've just always had a knack for reading people. This class opened up a whole new world of poker to me. I never knew how much the numbers really ment until I took this class! Thank you so much Daniel!


A fellow student

Why three bet is so common in online poker? People just three bet all the time and sometimes even come up with 10 bets. So confused.


I'm worried if I 4-bet a loose player they'll just shove because they seem like exactly the type of person who will just get into a raising contest

A fellow student

Daniel, keep reading things regarding buying a part of your action, but havent found the site or where to go to get a piece. Can you advise or post a link? Keith

Todd W.

It was very useful to me. I play free online sit-and-go tournaments; so I play in a false reality environment. I found helpful, the inherent logic of not over-betting starting hands, and the additional elements of position (which I take to mean being able to call (or raise) without facing a significant risk of being re-raised, and stack size (less vulnerability to risk). the discussion on what to do against a 4-bet was helpful too. I have long suspected my usual strategy of trying to “scare” someone off the pot has cost me winning or placing in these tournaments about 20% more often.

A fellow student

These lessons were useless to me who wanted learning the very basics of playing poker. I believe it needs revisions to include how to play for beginners.

jamie P.

I would like to be able to pause the lesson in places to study the graphic. However, when hitting "pause" the video automatically puts up a veneer which slightly grays out the screen and includes a text description of what I'm watching. Does anyone know if we can turn off this feature? And if not, can we let Master Class know with feedback that they need to get rid of this? Thanks!

Rohit P.

I think some understanding with respect to 3-bet sizing needs to be incorporated.

Bryan R.

One thing I wish a little more explanation or differentiation with respect to Tourney play vs Cash Game play and how these strategies relate in terms of instant gratification versus laying up for better outcomes particularly in tourneys.

Frendy C.

So in básic the 3 Bet or more is acording the position and of course the range of your opponents.

Joe K.

I have not done a lot of three betting so I guess this is something I need to work on incorporating into my game. When I do three bet, I'm for sure in a strong position. I guess I need to mix it up some.