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Understanding Position

Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 12:30 min

Learn how to immediately improve your game by playing the right cards at the right time. Daniel evaluates early, middle, and late position strategies and provides tips on how to capitalize on the opportunities that each position affords.

Daniel Negreanu
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So if you ever watch poker on TV, you hear them talk about position a lot and position being super important. And I think one of the easiest ways to explain the importance of position, is to use, actually, a blackjack analogy. Right? So many of you, I imagine, have played 21, blackjack, and when you do go to Las Vegas and play, you know, there are situations sometimes that come up where you've got 14. Right? And the dealer is showing a four. So the best the dealer could have is 14. The problem is, you have to go first. Right? So you go first, and you're going to hit on the 14, some of the time and bust. So the dealer doesn't even have to draw a card-- automatically wins. Now, using that analogy in terms of how it works with poker is, when you're the button and you get to go last and your opponent goes first on every street, you gain so much more information. Right? And most flops that you're going to see come out, are going to be flops that both players miss. Like, when you have a hand, like king-queen, you're not a favorite to make a pair on the flop. Usually, you're going to flop not such a great hand. So what that means is, the player who wins the pot, is typically the one that's going to take the initiative, be more aggressive. And it's easier to do that in position because you get the information first of your opponent checking or betting before you. So being in position is simply just a position of like, you get to control the game a lot more easily than you can when you have to act without having any idea how your opponent feels about the flop, turn, or the river. There's two positions you can be in, in a pot. You're either in position, or you're out of position. When you're in position, that means you get to go last. When you're out of position, you know, you don't know what's going to happen behind you. You might get raised. You know, you might get bluffed. A whole bunch of bad things could happen. So think of it like-- imagine it was boxing, right-- so when you're out of position, you want to keep your guard up. Right? You want to be very defensive and you want to be careful, because you're at a disadvantage. Right? You can play possum sometimes with strong hands, as well, because you want to keep a balance. And then, you know, conversely, if you are the player in position, you want to be the one throwing the punches. Right? You want to be the aggressor. You're the one who has control of the situation. You're the one in position that's looking to maximize profit, whereas typically, your train of thought out of position is minimize and protect. When you're in early position, like, really the best defense against people that are overly aggressive is to fold more. OK. So that's just the way it is. Unfortunately, that is the number one best way to do that. Now, that's not to say, you know, when you get a really good hand, you're not going be able to profit, because you know that your opponent is supposed to...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Very helpful class. Won't know how well it translates into my personal success for some time.

I always enjoyed Daniel's enthusiasm at the tables,but finally got to see and learn about the effort that is the foundation of his game. People with passion are the easiest to learn from and the most fun to be around, it's been delightful, Daniel!

מאד עזר לי מבחינה מנטלית טיך לניתכונן למשחק הייתי שמח אם הוא היה מדבר על עבודה בבית מחוץ למשחק מה ללמוד ואיך

It's too soon to tell; I'll need to review the class after I play again. One thing I learned, though, is that I'll need to start playing cash games again.



Hi guys. Do you think these charts can be used online as well, or this is for live games?

A fellow student

In appendix 4 it shows two different charts for SB and BB but they are not labeled I guess the BB would be looser and the BB would have a wider range correct?

Elliott K.

Very informative lesson. I do have one question though. How does this change when the amount of players change? For example if I'm in a Sit & Go starting with 9 players, this is great! But, as players are knocked out, assuming I'm not one of them, how does this change? Especially when down to 3 players and heads up.

A fellow student

I don’t see his name in the upper left hand corner? How do I get to the PDF on my iPad?

Emily B.

Why are the blinds considered early position when you are the very last to go and you get better pot odds. Can someone explain please?

A fellow student

This is amazing content. Agree it’s intermediate level, exactly what I was looking for to take my next steps in poker.

Ben S.

As someone who plays a lot of poker this is really great. However, he jumps right into a lot of things like "the card" which ranks how valuable each pocket hand is. Also, it assume's we're playing Texas Hold'em without saying so. If you have experience with poker I'd recommend. If you're very new and never played outside of a house party, maybe get the basics somewhere else before diving into this one.

A fellow student

Hey I love this sesh. But I'm downloading the PDF and says access denied...

Jørn L.

In the introduction Daniel talks about learning in 4 stages. Well, I'm not even at stage 1 - i'm at stage 0. Stage ZERO. I have never played poker. I don't know the rules and don't understand anything he talks about. He could be talking russian og chinese and it wouldn't make a difference LOL There is probably a lot of good stuff here, but I will have to go somewhere else to learn the basics.

A fellow student

Hi Mike, Did you download the PDF where it shows the green/yellow? I dont think daniel mentioned it in the vid but the green hands are clear 3bets. Have now completed the course and i now comprehend these. These are not masterclasses in the sense of advanced classes, rather, they are classes by a master. If you've been playing online for 15yrs (i have been for 12yrs), then you will know what im talking about. The most valuable info i got from these classes are on live poker. cheers