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Player Profiling

Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 14:16 min

Daniel profiles the different types of players you’ll encounter at the tables, the quickest ways to identify them, and how to adjust your strategy to beat each type of player.

Daniel Negreanu
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So when I'm trying to profile a player, obviously, I'm watching the action. Most importantly, I'm watching, OK, how often are they playing? Are they raising? Are they playing aggressively? But in addition to that, I'm trying to profile them sort of away from the table. And the personality traits I think that best do that is simply how talkative and engaging they are, right? Typically, a player who is more chatty and whatnot is going to be a little more loosey-goosey, probably gets-- has tilt issues maybe, because they get bored in certain situations, and they-- they're there to have some fun and action. Personality types that are typically more quiet, I would expect to be maybe a little bit more on the conservative side. Now, these are not steadfast rules. These are general stereotypes. And you should first and foremost focus on the cards you're turning over. But what someone does for a living, if they're professional poker player, it's quite obvious that they're going to be relatively tight and aggressive for the most part. But otherwise, age, other mannerisms that they may have-- there's a whole bevy of things you can look at outside of just simply the way that players play their cards that'll give you information in terms of who they likely are in terms of how they're going to play in big stressful situations. The best way to exploit your opponents, first and foremost, pay attention. Not only pay attention to the hands they turn over. But if it's a player you've never played with before that just sat down, pay attention to his mannerisms. Pay attention to what he's wearing. Pay attention to how well-kept he is. You'll find little tells and little nuggets that will tell you a little bit about how this person thinks about life and how they're going to approach poker. So imagine, you know, you have a guy. He's got yellow fingernails. He smokes a ton. He's sweaty. His hair is unkempt. It's growing out of the back of his neck, right? And you look at this guy, and he's coming in, and he's limping into the first pot. Self-discipline may be a struggle for this guy, organizational skills. So he's more likely to be, like, a looser player. Conversely, maybe you take a person who comes in wearing a pressed shirt, you know, with a pocket pen in here, and perfectly kept hair. Now, this player more likely to be on the conservative side and careful. So all these little things are not always or nevers, right? But they can help you to make decisions better. And ultimately, what's really going to help you is when you start to see what hands they're turning over, and the ways in which they're playing their hands. And are they aggressive, are they weak? And that first 20 to 30 minutes you play with somebody new, super important to focus on them and try to get an understanding of who you're dealing with. While it's obviously important to really pay attention when you're playing a hand and you're on the flop, turn, and river, it's equall...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I was already familiar with most of the concepts, but I found the presentation concise and well structured.

Out of my league. That is why I am not quitting my day job.

Loads of useful information to get from beginner to someone to be cautious of round the table in short order.

I have to say I would have enjoyed a bit more content in the areas of math/stats as well as reading tells, but all in all I thought this was a very nice product.


Bob E.

I am loving what Daniel is serving. I have employed what I have learned so far in my Friday night tournament I play in Melbourne, Florida. I have made the money in the last 4 weeks I have played. I think I have watched less than 5% of the class overall. Where is the lab he talks about? That is where I understand the real learning begins.

Steve L.

Daniel has nailed my personality to a tee. Going to keep my mouth shut before tournaments now. Ouch! Maybe start dressing better will give me a tighter image, also.

Marc C.

Really good stuff. Just hard to handle variant when a loosey goosey player sucks out on a turn or river after they have made you call all in with the current nuts.

Vickie R.

I once was seated at a table of all German speakers! It was so un-nerving and they knew that I didn't speak fluent German yet they continued to intimidate me by yapping on and on in German. I was so miffed that I decided to learn basic German so the next time that happened I'd be able to understand what they were saying. I'm not fluent in German by any means but I know enough to say general "HELLOS" and I could tell when one rich guy was totally bluffing by talking about his huge castle in Munich. It never hurts to learn the opposition's native language. That includes Korean, Arabic, German and Urdu. Yes Udur

A fellow student

As a young, petite girl- usually dresses professionally. Any inside as to how people will profile me?

Greg M.

Good lesson. I pay attention at the table but it is hard to take a mental note of every thing that happens I find myself zoning out a lot.

Brandon S.

Thanks so much for doing this master class daniel. I made round 2 in pittsburgh rivers 100k guaranteed- top 3 outta 128 tonight with a bad beat all in preflop KK vs AK but kept composure and kept destroying. Back into poker after 2 year/ 8 year hiatus- 50 k in first tourney back would be nice. BTW Toronto Looking pretty tough this year. Matthews Tavares and Reilly/mariner and nylander not even playing yet. Good luck to them- no cup for canada in a long time 93.

Jessica E.

Maniacs are frustrating because they often hit bizarre backdoor outs that they wouldn't have been able to get to if they had a folding range. Definitely takes a lot of mental discipline to play against them.