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Off-Felt Training

Daniel Negreanu

Lesson time 13:50 min

Learn how to optimize your training time away from the felt through practice, meditation, and a balanced lifestyle.

Daniel Negreanu
Teaches Poker
Join Daniel at the poker table. Learn his strategies to advance your cash, tournament, and online play.
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One of the main reasons, one of the most important reasons it's important to spend time in the lab is because that's where you're going to do the nitty-gritty hard work that you simply can't do at game speed while you're playing in a cash game or in a tournament. So you basically are drilling the fundamentals of how to play certain situations so that when you actually are confronted with them at game speed, you can actually apply some of those concepts. So first and foremost, you have to learn and understand the concept before you can apply it. That's going be very difficult to do on the fly, so a combination of work away from the table, study, practice is just as important as actually, you know, playing and getting experience that you do at the felt. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a pot or a situation and, you know, the thought occurred to me like, you know what, I've seen this movie before. The thousands and thousands of hands, the millions of hands I've played throughout my life, there's obviously going to be some pattern recognition. So there's been hands where from my past I've played that in real time I look at the way or the line chosen by a specific player-- and when I say line, I mean, you know, a line of play like he 3-bet before the flop, he check raised the flop, he bet the turn, that's the line he took throughout the hand. And so now I'm comparing that with a board texture that I'm reminiscent of, and this is why practice and drilling is so important. Because of all the hands I've played before, I've already dealt with this situation before, away from the table and at the table, so that when I'm approached with it in real time, I go, aha! I've already worked the math out on this situation, I know how to handle this type of player, and it will equip me to make a better decision. These days you have the luxury of learning how to play poker in a much more expedient way, which is online. You can watch people play on Twitch these days. You can play online for low stakes and really work on the fundamentals. And as a training tool, it's fantastic. It used to be where if you didn't see a guy in Las Vegas playing in the high stakes, then he probably wasn't very good. Well today, there are young players all over the Scandinavian countries and Russia and Sweden that are really like playing so many hands and gaining so much experience so quickly because online, which is different than live, you can play multiple tables. So, you know, some of these guys are playing 12 games at once. They're downloading all this information, getting the practice in that took say, for example, a guy like Doyle Brunson who's 84 years old right now-- he's been playing every day pretty much for 50, 60 years. He still hasn't played as many hands as some of these 23-year-old kids who have just hammered it home online. So today the-- as I said before, there's so many ways to learn how to play this game effectively, and there's so many ...

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Put yourself across the felt from Daniel Negreanu, the biggest live tournament poker winner of all time. The six-time World Series of Poker champion teaches poker strategy, advanced theory, and practice through hand-reviews of his winning games. Learn how to sharpen your mental game through demos on reading opponents and spotting tells. Join Daniel at the table to increase your win rate, grow your ROI, and get your game “in the money.”


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The class was amazing, a real eye opener. With the added fact that Daniel was teaching it. It was great! couldnt have asked for a better experience. I intend to go back through the class a fwe more times to get a better understanding of everything! As well as re educate myself with the content!

This was a very educational and informative class. Very well presented and has really helped improve my game and mindset. Daniel does a great job of teaching and explaining the fundamentals and some of the more high end moves.

Thanks Daniel...from (the poker place) and all the players that grind in the gta

Focus on fundamentals and principles of poker, then work up from there. Also it takes work to be great.



I do have some questions - I am from Australia, and I am underaged - so online poker isn't really an option. Is there any training softwares you'd recommend?


I love this guy! Always having words of encouragement and keeping it real. Definitely a fan of these types of instructors.


What are some good and hopefully free softwares for simulations as well as practice? Thanks


Does anyone know what poker program is running on the monitors behind Daniel?

A fellow student

Any suggestions for how to organize discussions/lesson plans once you've got a group together? I'd prefer not to simply rip off all the stuff used here.

Matthew R.

Looking for online software similar to flop zilla to run on my Mac, paid or unpaid doesn't matter looking to run for study purposes, hand reviews, equity and such. Live game player

Chris A.

Hi All, Does anyone have any advice for a player who is looking to play online poker but I live in a state in the US that does not allow it yet. Does anyone have any thoughts about either how to backdoor this or get quality reps in without cash being involved. Thanks

Атанас Ш.

Really helpful !!! But with this 7 days free trial i am not able to see the other lessons. Gonna be good to have an option just to pay and to skip it.

Martin T.

I am enjoying these lessons but I like to know when the other lessons will be released. I'm playing in a WSOP tournament next month, I would like to have access to the other lessons before I play.

Brandon C.

This is a very good lesson love it! Don't be the smartest person in the room is always good advice always have someone helping and training you. The Meditation and visualization is awesome and somewhat funny reminds me of the movie Maverick and picking that one card he needed. Just would like to know what softwares to use and that are safe to use for simulations. Also what online poker sites you use for tourneys and for just live games.