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Mental Toughness

Diane von Furstenberg

Lesson time 12:52 min

Diane discusses failure and the importance of being true to yourself.

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Topics include: Being True to Yourself • Confidence • Trusting Your Instincts


I just want to be able to know that I can help myself. I don't expect anything from coming like that, just falling on me. I like to work for the things that I have and then be left in peace. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure helps. Three years ago, Von Furstenberg separated from the prince and now spends her spare time and energy with her two children at her 53-acre country estate, the kingdom she earned for herself by spinning three little wrap jersey dresses into solid gold. In order to understand and to explain my life and my career and the person that I am, I think we have to go to the war, World War II in Belgium. The fact that my mother was a survivor and she had needed so much strength to survive and so much courage to fight, and that she formed her daughter, like she didn't want her daughter ever to be afraid of anything. So I guess that that's what I was raised on, and that explains a lot of my character. Whether it is for your career or for your life, it's about building your character because you could lose everything. You could lose your job, you could lose your parents, you could lose your wealth, you could even lose your health. But you never will lose your character. So everything that you should always do is everything you can to build your character. And it does not get built in one day. It's little efforts after other efforts after other efforts after other efforts, and being in charge, in charge of your life, however it is. However difficult it is sometimes, there's collective madness out there, or there's bad things. But your character is something that no one can ever take away. I can never say enough the importance of being true to yourself. And how does one become true to yourself? Well, it's practice. It's every day. It's just you cannot lie to yourself ever. And it's hard. But you have to. You have to accept who you are. You have to figure out what you want, how you want it. But you really have-- it's like pruning or cleaning the pipes. It's an every day-- you have to prune the trees however often. You have to clean the pipes however often. You have to be close to yourself. You have to be close to who you are, what you want, how you want it, and not be delusional because no matter what, no matter what happens, failure, success, what, you will always be with yourself. And therefore you have to be your best friend. You have to count on yourself first. You could be helped, you could be guided, you could be mentored, you could be all of that. But at the end, you have the keys to your destiny, and that is important. The French designer Christiane LaCroix once told me, women designers design clothes. Men designers design costume. Now I'm not sure it's completely right, but there's something right about that. For example, men designers, as a rule, do not like jersey because if you look at a piece of jersey versus a...

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In her 20s, Diane Von Furstenberg convinced a textile factory owner in Italy to let her produce her first designs. With those samples, she flew to New York City to build one of the world’s most iconic and enduring fashion brands. In her first online fashion design class, Diane teaches you how to build a brand. You’ll learn how to create a visual identity, build loyalty, stay true to your vision, and launch your product.

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