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Using Social Media

Diane von Furstenberg

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Social media has changed the way fashion brands interact with their consumers. Diane shares the best ways to approach marketing on these platforms.

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Topics include: Telling a Story • Being Authentic • Feedback


So social media. Social media is the big thing. I mean, a few years ago, it did not exist. And now, it has revolutionized every industry. Everybody uses social media. Social media influencers have become the big stars. I mean, some people have huge followers. So social media is definitely important. But you shouldn't be intimidated by it. And you should make sure that you stay authentic, that you have your voice. What social media does, and especially Instagram, it allows you to have a visual voice, as often as you want, out there. And that is really fun. And you don't have to be afraid of nobody. It will take a life on its own. So no matter what you do, no matter what product you do, no matter what personality you do, I will absolutely, absolutely advise you to do social media, especially Instagram, at first. The big words right now that everybody uses in every industry is data and storytelling. Everything is a data. Everything goes by data. Data is really market research. Storytelling is telling a story. It's taking your product or your service, whatever you're selling, and putting it in the content of a story, so people can relate to it on an emotional side. And storytelling is something that really is more and more important, since the birth of social media. So don't forget your storytelling. All right. So the next portfolio is from an Italian illustrator called Paola Russo. And Paola is a great Illustrator and she illustrates with paper. Instead of drawing, she cuts, she design with paper. And as a result, I imagine, because she cuts paper and applies it and design with paper, that gave her the idea of creating things that you can apply on shoes. Her first product is flowers or pompoms or whatever that you can apply on shoes, which by the way you could apply on many other things. So I don't know if you sell anything yet. But first of all, I have to tell you Paola, you are a wonderful illustrator. And you have a beautiful sense of graphic and color. And therefore, I can see where your product designs come from, because you cut paper and you glue it. Then, you feel like gluing these things on everything. But I think you have something very exciting, something fun, something you could sell on the internet that does not necessarily just apply for clothing or shoes. But you could put it in the home. I think you're very whimsical. Say brava, Paola. So I think that you have to keep going. Because these shoes is nice. But I am afraid they exist already. And clearly, it's a product that has to be mass produced. And you don't really have a distribution. So it's gonna have to be expensive. But you definitely have a clear product. And it would be a fun thing to be able to buy online. Yeah. I think that you should develop your personality on Instagram and so on. And...

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