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Taking Your Brand Into The World

Diane von Furstenberg

Lesson time 15:16 min

Diane shares how she builds brand loyalty, communicates her brand’s story, and selects models.

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Topics include: Brand Loyalty • Brand Story • Models


What is a brand? That is a very good question. I mean, today, it's a word that anybody uses all the time. Any school girl who starts with a blog, I'm branding myself. She's brand, a brand. A brand has become a huge, huge common word. When I started, I don't think I use the brand until, I don't know, maybe 10, 15 years ago. I mean, I certainly was a brand when I was young and I had 17 licensees and all of that. But we didn't use the word brand. So what is the mean to be a brand? Well, I guess that it is to have a name, to have an identity, to have a precise DNA, something that you can use sell, rent, capitalize on. I always say this brand is the friend in the closet. When you wake up in the morning and you don't know what to wear, it's the friend you can rely on. It's the dress that you never give up somehow. Every time you clean your closet, you throw some things but you never throw her. And that is very magical and that is very special. I think the longevity of the brand is probably because I am stubborn and because when I lost the brand, I wanted back. And when things aren't well and good, then I want to show myself I could do it again. I'm sure it has a lot to do with that. But then you detach yourself, and there is something that you call brand loyalty. But brand loyalty, you are loyal to the brand, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you want to buy it. I think that people have a brand loyalty to me as a person because I think they have seen me grow through the ages and go through good and bad and indifferent and somehow survive. And I think the way I was able to survive is because I always spoke the truth and therefore I have a good reputation. And one thing I will tell to any young person, never undermine the value of reputation because a good reputation will help you so much, and a bad reputation is real tough to unstick from. So reputation is a very important thing. So as it relates to the brand loyalty, I was saying that I think that people are loyal to what the brand represents, but that doesn't mean that they're happy with the product that you offer. And at the end, you have to go back to the product because it's not all marketing. It is the product. It isn't the marketing that made me sell 10 million wrap dresses. It isn't. It isn't the marketing. It is because that dress was relevant and stayed relevant and was practical and easy and not too expensive and sexy and proper. And it had all those things at the same time. So it's not all marketing. Marketing is important to tell the story. But in order to tell the story, you have to have something substantial to tell the story about because otherwise it's all varnish and it cracks. So the most important thing for you to do is focus on the intention. Focus on your product. Why is your product different? What is special about your pr...

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In her 20s, Diane Von Furstenberg convinced a textile factory owner in Italy to let her produce her first designs. With those samples, she flew to New York City to build one of the world’s most iconic and enduring fashion brands. In her first online fashion design class, Diane teaches you how to build a brand. You’ll learn how to create a visual identity, build loyalty, stay true to your vision, and launch your product.

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Diane von Furstenberg

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