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Designing for a Fashion House: Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs

Lesson time 12:47 min

Learn from Marc's experience at the venerable fashion house Louis Vuitton and how he approached respecting—and disrespecting—the brand's history.

Marc Jacobs
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When I was fired from Perry Ellis after doing the grunge collection, there was a little bit of time where I thought I'd never work again, you know. I thought like, oh, who's going to ever hire me? I mean, I was very young at the time I got the job, and then I worked there for a couple of years. And I thought, oh my god, it's all over. And luckily, people who were really on my side and really in my corner-- people like Anna Wintour and actually, people like Gianni Versace-- really tried to help me to find work again. And my business partner, Robert Duffy, and I, we were sort of unemployed for a full year before we got up the energy and the incentive and the idea and the ambition to start again. And again, we had some help from other people. But I didn't really see-- I didn't know. I mean, the future was certainly unclear, and how we were going to go about doing anything was unclear. But we were persistent. And once we got up that energy and once we felt like the fight again, we started. And we had a couple of false starts. But I didn't really see myself working for another brand at that point. What I had hoped was that Robert and I, we would start our company, Marc Jacobs, and that's what we would do. In order to support that, I did various freelance jobs. I worked for a company called Iceberg in Italy. I did a consulting job for a Japanese company. And then, a couple of years later, I got the job for Louis Vuitton as the creative and artistic director for that brand. Well Robert and I had started our company, Marc Jacobs. And we were in a very small studio in Soho, New York. We had just one pattern maker and a couple of seamstresses-- two seamstresses. I had a friend of mine who had help sometimes cutting garments. And we were in this very small little studio loft sort of space. And we were getting quite a bit of attention from people like American Vogue and some of the other fashion publications-- Harper's Bazaar, Women's Wear Daily, W, et cetera. And we were selling our clothes to stores, and we were having these shows. Again, we had some pretty good attention from people. And we were approached by a headhunter who was working for Mr. Bernardo Arnault of LVMH. And she came, and she spoke to Robert and I and said, would you be interested in putting together a project? And it was not for Louis Vuitton. It was for one of the other LVMH brands. It was for Dior originally. And then, I was approached by the president of Givenchy and asked to do a project for them and then one for LOEWE, all of them being LVMH brands. Until finally, Yves Carcelle, who was then the president of Louis Vuitton, said, would you do a project based on what you would imagine Vuitton could be? Because Vuitton was only luggage and handbags. So they didn't have men's clothes. They didn't have women's clothes. They didn't have accessorie...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This is amazing. I am very happy to learn fashion design. As I love knitting and sewing. The course makes me inspired.

Marc Jacobs words was very encouraging. I hope throughout this lesson it would help me to find my way back into my journey in fashion as i lost track.

I learned many things from him he was very talented and give many information about fashion and inspiration it was amazing thank you so much and best luck

I wish he was a little more confident in giving advice. When he shows what he does it's amazing, but he tends to downplay himself and his ideas.


Maribele G.

I loved this class, Marc you are such a great designer and teacher! WOW Respect for all you have done, thank you. I recreated chanel black and white image with mexican embroidery very colorful and fun.

Greg M.

I did an adaptation on the Micheal Kors logo. I chose it because of its simplicity. In order to make the logo my own, I added clouds instead of a circle, script Js for my name and a butterfly at the top left corner of the cloud.

A fellow student

Perhaps one of the best lesson of the entire course so far. Healthy amount of disrespect for past, current trends, ideas are necessary to create something new .

Akhere O.

Thanks for your last quote at the end of this lesson. I will forever remember when am undecided about pursuing my dream.

Jean F.

I really enjoy this process.. Though I feel I’d be able to create with a house and embrace what’s its known to be . But the challenge is to not only to continue to build the brand but to be able to take it to another step. It’s called work. Great insight

Elizabeth E.

It was very interesting and fascinating to listening to Marc about his experiences at Louis Vuitton. I think he was very smart to find a way to rejuvenate the brand and very creative to achieve that goal, but more important he was very brave to trusted in his instincts, when people around him was telling him not to go in that direction, Marc took the risk and made him a winner. I really enjoyed this class

Kristine K.

This is my favorite lesson. I loved learning about LV which is one of my favorite designers. So very interesting!

Beez M.

I found this lesson to be one of the most fascinating so far. I've recently been working on a project that's a revamp of the past but also a reinvention. I've wrestled with some of these ideas of fidelity and infidelity to the past as we move forward. This was the perfect thing for me to hear, to help me with my perspective, as we distill the essence of the project from the trappings of the past to create a fresh future. Thank you! xx

Kimberly H.

Wow "You can only regret what you don't do" and that is exactly why I am here having the time of my life experiencing and getting a taste of what it is like to be a fashion designer. I am enjoying listening to Marc so much. His stories pass on wonderful things to us. I love the attitude of celebration.

Ana T.

Us as designers, artists and people who are interested in fashion and how it communicates a message to the people that surrounds you, we look at the things that disrupt with our environment. Not because we want to be the rebellion in the fashion industry, but because we see what people desires. And what they desire is to stand out, to have the newest stuff, to show their personality to the other, but most important: TO BE ACCEPTED AND TO BE RECOGNIZED. This is why I liked so much the phrase "A Healthy About Of Disrespect Is Important", because if not.. how could we all be different?