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From Idea to Runway: Fall 2017 Case Study

Marc Jacobs

Lesson time 25:11 min

Follow along as Marc breaks down the entire process for creating his Fall 2017 collection, from inspiration to runway.

Marc Jacobs
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Well the inspiration for this collection, what became the inspiration for this collection, was a documentary that I had seen on Netflix. It was through a conversation that I had with Katie Grand, a person I style, an editor who I've collaborated with for many, many years. She had asked me, basically, if I had seen this documentary on hip hop. And I watched it and really enjoyed it. And then we had already at that point made a lot of the fabric choices, et cetera, for the collection based on God knows what. But anyway, we started thinking about style, the way young people dressed during that period of time in New York. And my sort of memory of how hip hop and the style of hip hop, in terms of clothes, had influenced other music. And so the real inspiration or what became the inspiration was this documentary on Netflix. I was home in New York and watching it in the TV room. And I really enjoyed it. It brought back so many memories. And I was in high school when I first became aware of hip hop music and started listening to it and saw its influence on other types of music. I was at the High School of Art and Design. And you know I remember in high school, they were all these different cliques. You know, there were kids who were into The Dead. There were kids who were into punk. And they were kids who were into hip hop. And so you'd have like these different cliques of different sort of style tribes. And that's always been a thing in New York. New York's such a sort of melting pot. And I remember going to rock clubs in New York, one club in particular, Mud Club. And I remember when bands like Blondie or Debbie Harry from Blondie did Rapture. And so there was the influence of hip hop on the other music and other artists that was so interesting to me. I mean, graffiti art was a big deal in New York. I mean, a lot of artists in New York like Futura, different people who were creating these incredible works of art using graffiti had become, all of a sudden, artists who were celebrated for their art, rather than just vandals who were painting tags on trains and stuff like that. So it was just a really interesting time. And so I kind of tried to tap into my memory of what I felt and what I was thinking during that period of growing up in New York and being in school. And again, I tried to understand in some way what the essence of the style was. And again, it was like this very polished sort of pulled together look, but comprised of casual clothes. Like I said, like a sneaker or a tracksuit. I mean, then it got even more specific, like to the type of knits and to the types of colors, et cetera. But it was really trying to understand what was so interesting or what was so new or different about that approach to getting dressed that was inspiring to me that fall season. [MUSIC PLAYING] So looking at like the Kangol bucket hat, looki...

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Abit of how a designer thinks and goes through each season

Thank you so much Marc, this class was my certainty of what I live! :*

He is comfortable with himself and in his discussions, he lets you in on his perspective, his successes, his stepping stones and roadblocks. Fashion like any business can be invigorating and a stress. He describes it beautifully. A really nice class series that has multifaceted applications; think outside the box just like he has! Good class series

I love the intro. Knowing that he hasn't got any resources back then, made me feeling so fortunate that Marc Jacobs is giving this to me.


Giorgia D.

Absolutely loved this lesson! The concept created by Marc for this fashion show was way beyond FASHION: it was PERFORMANCE ART.

Nemo A.

I am a bit confused. In previous recordings Marc said that his collections are not for the museum but for those who appreciate fashion and style and would like to ear them. In this recording he admits that the collections prior to fall 2017, the collections were less wearable. I have noticed few more contradicting statements in previous recordings. I wish he could show also the sources of his inspirations that he is talking about.

RJane @.

Now I also understand that fashion designers create different sets of products for runway models, celebrities and the masses. @RJjanesRealm

Marina R.

Love what Marc has to say. I would like to see more pictures of what he's talking about interspersed in the lesson.

Greg M.

I am learning so much from this course with Marc Jacobs. I am so inspired by the designs Marc Jacobs creates. This course has taught me new things about fashion that can be useful in my future career.

Greg M.

As a designer I am very impressed by the designs Marc Jacobs creates. I am so happy to be able to take this course and I am learning so much about fashion.

Ona B.

Thankyou so much, dear Marc Jacobs. Every lesson I am learning something new for me!

Jean F.

This is a great approach because it gets the audience to engage and importantly build confidence in your work and having a sense of you material and detail ...

Katherine F.

I absolutely love the single file idea where each person in the audience can actually see the details of the clothes! I always find that I end up loving clothes from different season so much more once I see them close up and get to hear about all the work that was put into them. I think that is half of the magic with high end clothing, and I am so glad that he set up the runway in such an intimate way.

Elizabeth E.

I went to Youtube to see the whole show of Marc Fall 2017 Collection, previous to watch this class, so it was more easy to understand every point that Marc was presented. I think It was a beautiful Collection, specially the silhouette of the Short dress with the Coat. I love the colors palette. Excellent work. This class gave us the big picture of what is to be a Fashion Designer and took us from the inspiration for the collection to the fashion show. Thank you, for that.